Are blenders allowed in dorms? (everything you should know)

After the lockdown due to pandemics, every school, college, and university are now again open and have allowed their students in the dorm.

Hence, when you are going to pack your necessary accessories for the dorm life and take preparation, you will remember that so many things are prohibited for you to bring with them in the dorm. 

Of course, many dorm authorities have a good number of home and kitchen appliances under their prohibition, but still, some fundamental accessories are allowed to be kept in the dorm.

Consequently, keeping a blender machine in the dorm is allowed or not is a relative topic for the institutions. But most of the institutions are showing a positive sign in favor of students.

Thus, I’m here to discuss the matters of whether the blender machine is allowed or not, and if it is even allowed, what you should follow and abide by to ensure safety, and also what types of appliances are prohibited in the dorm.

So, let’s delve into the article now.

Are blenders allowed in dorms?

It is actually a matter of the authority of the school, college, or university. Student conducts are somewhat different in accordance with the rules and regulations of the respective authority.

It is seen that unusual fire hazards in the apartment happen mostly due to students’ appliances.

As a result, most of the authorities disallow various kitchen and electric appliances and heating elements that can create fire hazards or are explosives and combustible. So, a student is not allowed to bring such materials with him in the dorm.

Specifically, a dorm inhibits multi-head lamps, string lights, toaster ovens, microwaves, weapons, etc. In a word, all kinds of flammable appliances that can explode are banned in the dorm.

When it comes to talking about blenders, it is seen that many authorities allow and many do not. Thus, if your blender is not supposed to be explosive, it is allowed in the dorm except in some schools or universities.

You can bring your blender with you to the dorm to make your life easier and more comfortable. 

Can you use a blender safely in the dorm?

Despite some strict regulations, a blender is typically allowed in the dorm if you can use it without creating trouble for others. Followingly, if you are a well conscious and meticulous person, you can use it safely in the dorm.

In terms of using a blender in the dorm, you must keep some certain etiquette in your mind in order to have a safe use. First of all, you must be well conscious while running it. You should be careful enough so that any unnecessary incidents happen.

Then, you should clean the blender and wash it and the whole area where you keep it. Do not leave it in water to create any casualties. 

Over and above, be always sincere in not breaking the peace of the room since other students are living with you. Hence, make a noise-free and undisturbed use. 

If it’s not allowed, can you take permission to use it?

If the authority allows you to keep a personal blender in the dorm, you can definitely have it without any difficulty. On the other hand, if you are not allowed, it will totally depend on the authority whether they will provide you with the permission to keep or not.

Generally, every institution has individual rules and regulations. In this case, some are highly strict in imposing rigorous rules of order and maintaining them while some are completely spontaneous. 

Now, if your institution doesn’t allow you to keep a blender or any other electronics or appliances in the dorm, you had better avoid it.

You can, in the meanwhile, try to grant permission to bring the device, but it will not be in favor of you since the authority can not break the rules for an individual if you are not a special figure. 

Why do you need blenders in your dorm?

The benefits of a blender machine are a lot. It is an indispensable kitchen appliance that allows you to make smoothies, juice, and shakes, and to comminute so many items.

Consequently, it is fundamental for a student to have a personal blender in the dorm since healthy foods are very necessary for him. He needs this important machine for so many reasons.

Most significantly, it is used to chop, whip, and blend foods and beverages to make smoothies and shakes that are highly nutritious. Having a personal blender in your dorm can help you in various ways providing you with evenly food saving time and cost.

If you enjoy any smoothies at any time, it can enable you in this case to make your preferable and favorite food. In addition, it provides you with versatility

3 best blenders for dorm use

Since there are a huge number of blender machines found in the world market you may suffer from picking up the right one according to your necessity.

It is somewhat arduous to select and choose the best product among hundreds. Thus, I’m going to find out 3 of the best blenders available in the market and illustrate them briefly.

1. Nutribullet Personal Blender

The first one on the list is the Nutribullet Personal Blender which is an amazing kitchen appliance. Even, it is one of the best and highest-quality blenders found in the market.

It has been entrusted with high-end materials such as refined stainless steel nutrient-extraction blades, BPA-free plastic cups, etc. Runs with a powerful 600-watt motor can provide outstanding blending performance.

Afterward, it is wonderful in preparing nutrient-packed smoothies blending the toughest and softest foods including berries, nuts, spinach, etc. Regarding cost, it is accessible at around $70.

2. AmazonBasics Multi-Speed Immersion Hand Blender 

Another high-performance blender machine is the AmazonBasics Multi-Speed Immersion Hand Blender which delivers splendid work experience and supreme quality.

It is equipped with a powerful 300 Watt DC motor that provides integrity, longevity, and smoothness. Ensuring a quiet operation, it can froth, whip, and blend food so quickly and easily.

Decorated with one-touch on/off and variable speed controls, it is absolutely effortless to use and operate. In addition to fundamental specifications, it has a dishwasher-safe detachable blending wand.

In terms of the price, it is now unavailable in the Amazon shop. 

3. KOIOS 850W Personal Blender

And the ultimate one is the KOIOS 850W Personal Blender which is one of the most powerful machines. Embellished with a good number of components, it has 11 pieces of bullet single smoothie blender that offer many-sided uses and versatility.

Run with a strong 850W copper motor that includes a pulse technology along with a leaf cross and flat 2-leaf blades design, the blender can chop and blend hard foods and beverages evenly turning them into nutritious shakes and smoothies.

It has many other specifications allowing a large capacity. 

Advantages of using blender in the dorm

Having an owned blender offers a good number of advantages in the dorm. It has provided various facilities for a student that make hostel life more comfortable.

Therefore, the advantages of a blender in the dorm and its necessities are mentioned below.

  1. Most prominently, a blender in your dorm is fundamental to making different types of juice and smoothies if you are looking for a healthy lifestyle. 
  2. A blender is advantageous to blend the items from the tough food to the soft, making them flour without wasting. 
  3. It is an efficient machine that helps you make healthy foods. While some food may taste bitter, you can enjoy turning them into another food item by blending them.
  4. If you are well aware of time, a blender can save your time noticeably by accomplishing an even performance. 
  5. A blender machine can make your life easier and more accommodating.

Are any rules applicable to using blenders in dorms?

According to the rules of order of certain institutions, the use of blenders in the dorm varies. Basically, most schools, colleges, and universities allow their students to use blenders in the dorm considering the facilities of the appliance.

Some institutions inhibit this device. However, if it is disallowed in your dorm, you can not use it. On the contrary, though you are allowed to use blenders in the dorm you should have some instructions in your mind.

You have to ensure safe use of it, avoiding any kind of accidents. For that, you have to be sincere enough while running the machine.

You should not disturb others by making terrible sounds by running them now and then. Overall, you must maintain the rules.

Tips to use blenders in dorm safely

If you are allowed to use a blender machine in the dorm, you must consider some facts to ensure safe use of it. In this case, you have to be more careful and well conscious to avoid any calamities and disturbing others.

However, there are some tips for you to use a blender in the dorms safely. 

  1. First of all, you should be aware during the work. When the work is completed, unplug the blender and disconnect it from the electricity.
  2. When you are going to clean the blender after use, detach its all accessories. 
  3. After the job, clean the whole area where you have used the blender so that any residuals are left on the spot. 
  4. If the cord is partially damaged, you should avoid using it until the repair or replacement.
  5. Do not overload the blender with foods to blend them. 
  6. Avoid running the empty machine since it can damage the appliance and reduce its work efficiency as well as durability. 
  7. Place the blender in a dry area so that it has no moisture in the body. 
  8. Finally, provide the blender with proper ventilation and keep it in a safe area while not used. 

What appliances are allowed & not allowed in the dorm?

Since the dorm authorities are rigorous in maintaining the rules and regulations, they impose a number of accessories under prohibitions besides the allowable ones.

Hence, the appliances that are allowed and also disallowed in the dorm have been mentioned.

Allowed Appliances

In the first turn, these appliances are allowed to be used in the dorm. These are: 

  1. Bed, mattress, and pillows
  2. Electric Blanket
  3. Blender
  4. Computer
  5. Desk / Study lamp
  6. Alarm Clock
  7. Coffee Maker
  8. Microwave (limited watts)
  9. Mini-fridge (less than 4.4 cubic feet)
  10. TV
  11. Electric Heaters (1500 watts)
  12. Stereo system 
  13. Fans 
  14. Hairdryers 
  15. Curling Irons
  16. Clothe Irons 

Disallowed Appliances

Therefore, these items are disallowed to bring into the dorm.

  1. Any types of explosive appliances
  2. Flammable liquids
  3. Cords and Multi-plug outlets 
  4. Toasters 
  5. Toaster Ovens
  6. Microwaves (high-performance)
  7. Refrigerators (more than 4.4 cubic feet)
  8. Electric Skillets (by some)
  9. Crock Pots
  10. Frying Pans
  11. Hot Plates 
  12. Air Conditioner
  13. Curtains 
  14. Dumbbells and Weights
  15. Live Plants and Flowers 
  16. Smoke and Alcohol 
  17. Weapons 

Final thoughts

In conclusion, ensuring safety, blenders are generally allowed in the dorm in regard to its versatile facilities. This is a daily-used appliance inevitably helpful and convenient for the students.

Thus, you have to keep some regulations in your mind while using it in the dorm. In order to avoid any kind of unexpected incidents and ensure safe use, one must abide by these instructions imposed by the authority.

However, you can choose and purchase an ideal blender machine found in the market. 

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