Are blenders allowed on airplanes? [here’s what to know]

With the advancement of technology, a good number of easy-to-access appliances are now in great demand. Blender is also an outstanding kitchen appliance that lessens human workload. 

Because of being a lightweight and portable device, one can carry it with him wherever he goes including office, dorm, RVs, and also during travels.

The main reason is that it offers convenience and enables people to make nutritious drinks such as smoothies and juices within a short time

But when it comes to carrying it on a flight, certain conditions should be noticed and maintained. So, what are these conditions to obey? 

Here you are to learn these facts. Hence, let’s go for an exploration.

Are blenders allowed on airplanes?

Blender is such a home appliance that you can carry an airplane but there are certain conditions for you. And to bring it with you on flights, you must consider and maintain these conditions. 

According to the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) official website blenders can be carried in airplanes in both carry-on and checked baggage.

In this case, you must remove the blades and keep them in checked baggage. 

Basically, blenders without blades can be placed in a carry-on bag and all USA Airports approve it. On the contrary, the blades should be kept particularly in the checked baggage so that they can be easily checked.

Overall, any type of sharp appliances should be kept in checked baggage in order to easily check and pass the checkpoint. Otherwise, they are not allowed in the Carry-on baggage.

So, the conclusion is that after removing the blades, blenders are allowed to keep in Carry-on baggage, and the blades are allowed in the checked baggage.

And you can also keep both of them in the checked baggage. But you should wrap and sheath them safely. 

Are any rules applicable to carry blenders on airplanes?

important factor and checklist

Yes, specific rules are there applicable to carry blenders on airplanes as I’ve indicated a while ago. And you must obey these or you will be stopped anywhere before flights.

TSA has its own rules regarding the objects that can be carried and that can not be on airplanes. Accordingly, blenders can be carried in the Carry-on baggage if the blades are removed completely.

And the blades must be kept in the checked baggage. At that time, they must be wrapped properly for safe maintenance. 

In particular, if you do not remove the blades, then a complete blender machine is not allowed in the Carry-on or personal baggage. Rather it must be kept in the checked baggage. 

Does the TSA checkpoint allow blenders?

Certainly, but with some strict conditions. As I’ve said earlier, blenders are allowed on airplanes by TSA that should be gone through certain investigations. 

Elaborately speaking, if the blades of the blender machine are removed thoroughly, then you can carry this appliance in your Carry-on bag.

At this point, the blades should be packed in checked baggage in order to pass the checkpoint. For a successful passing, you should envelop the blades completely. 

Besides this, the whole blender machine with its blades is also allowed in the Checked baggage to pass through the checkpoint. 

Therefore, if you obey these rules, you will get TSA’s final approval in the checkpoint to carry blender machines on airplanes. 

Where can you keep the blender in an airplane?

It has already been pointed out that blenders are allowed in an airplane if you acquiesce to rigid conditions provided by TSA. And the conditions are also discussed precisely.

Despite this, it should be mentioned again to understand that you can keep the blender in your Carry-on baggage if the blades are taken out.

And the blades should be kept in the luggage that has to pass through checkpoints. Normally, the whole blender machine can not be kept in the personal baggage without eliminating blades because sharp objects and tools are not allowed in the carry-on baggage.

On the other hand, blenders can also be kept in Checked baggage. At that time, ensuring a complete and safe package is a must. 

4 best mini portable blenders that can be carried anywhere

1. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The first one is the Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies Personal Blender which is manufactured with BPA-free ingredients.

It runs with a 175-watt efficient motor that can provide excellent performance. Having been entrusted with magnificent components, it includes a one-touch blending, multiple options and controls, flexibility, and overall satisfactory privileges.

On accounts of brilliant features. It is accessible at around $20. 

2. PopBabies Portable Blender

The second one is the PopBabies Portable Blender, another outstanding innovation. It is equipped with a super powerful 175w/7.4v motor that can deliver magnificent performance.

This portable blender is adorned with a good number of extraordinary features. Free from any kind of harmful ingredients, it can ensure integrity, safety, and endurance.

Come in a compact design, it has a gorgeous outlook. In terms of cost, it is purchasable at $35. 

3. KOIOS 850W Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies 

Introduced by one of the most popular brands, this Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies is powered by an 850W copper motor with pulse technology.

Along with this, it has sharp blades that are capable of whipping, pulverizing, and blending the toughest foods. Upgraded with manifold features and options, it can offer versatility, durability, and reliability.

It also includes different parts and components that deliver easy-to-access use and efficiency. However, its price is also noticeable. 

4. Hamilton Beach 51102V Shakes and Smoothies Personal Blender

And the final one is also brought out by Hamilton Beach. This portable blender is built with BPA-free materials that assure safety.

It has been embellished with a powerful motor enabling efficient blending. Due to its brilliant specifications, it can perform amazingly.

Considering its many-sided use and facilities, it can cost nearly $40. 

List of items you can carry on an airplane

Since TSA has regulated certain conditions in terms of allowing and disallowing some appliances, you can carry these items with you on an airplane.

Here some objects are allowed in only checked baggage, some are in Carry-on baggage. Besides these, some are also allowable in both pieces of baggage.

However, these appliances are here. 

Carry on baggage 

Since you can carry personal baggage, you can keep certain objects in it. Thus, these objects are allowed to be kept in the Carry-on baggage. 

  1. Power Banks and Power Charger
  2. Electronic Cigarettes (E-Cigs)
  3. Vaping Devices
  4. Safety Matches and Lighters
  5. Medical Devices

Checked Baggage

Wee, you can carry these objects only in your checked baggage.

  1. Certain Axes and Hatchets
  2. Drills and Drill Bits
  3. Saws (handsaws or power saws)
  4. Tools Over 7 inches in length (including wrenches, screwdrivers, and plies 
  5. Cast Iron Cookware
  6. Baseball Bats
  7. Bow and Arrow
  8. Golf Clubs
  9. Hockey Sticks and Lacrosse Sticks
  10. Ski Poles 
  11. Spear Guns
  12. ace, Pepper Spray, or other Self Defense Spray
  13. Stun Gun or Taser
  14. Box Cutters
  15. Knives
  16. Scissors
  17. Brass Knuckles
  18. Insulin Suppliers 
  19. Battery-powered wheelchairs and mobility devices

Both Baggage 

Now, these objects can be carried in both bags. 

  1. Tools under 7 inches in lengths like wrenches, screwdrivers, and plies
  2. Baby Carrier
  3. Baby Formula
  4. Ice Skates and RollerBlades Belts, Clothes and Shoes
  5. Books 
  6. Headphones 
  7. Smartphones, Laptops, printers, projectors, TV,  and other devices
  8. Air Mattress with Built-in Pump
  9. Airbrush Make-up Machine
  10. Extension Cord
  11. Digital Cameras
  12. Blood Sugar Test Kit
  13. Alcoholic beverages (limited) 
  14. Antlers
  15. Artificial Skeleton Bones
  16. Footballs, Baseballs, and Basketballs 
  17. Binoculars
  18. Blenders 
  19. Coffee Makers
  20. Utensils
  21. Electric Blankets and fans
  22. Hair Dryers
  23. Remote Controlled Cars and certain Toys 

List of items you can’t carry on an airplane

And now these appliances and objects are not allowed to be carried on an airplane. 

  1. Bang Snaps
  2. Alcoholic beverages (over 140 proof)
  3. Aerosol Paint 
  4. Blasting Caps
  5. Pool or Spa Chlorine
  6. Vehicle Airbags
  7. Flares
  8. Gun Lighters
  9. Gun Powder
  10. Dynamite 
  11. Bear spray
  12. Fire Extinguishers or other compressed gas containers
  13. Fireworks or Firecrackers
  14. Flammable Liquids or gels
  15. Flavored or other Recreational Oxygen
  16. Fuels cooking and any other liquid fuel
  17. Gas Torches
  18. Gasoline
  19. Grenades (This should go without saying)
  20. Lighter Fluid
  21. Liquid Bleach
  22. Replica Explosives or Incendiaries (also real explosives or incendiaries)
  23. Spillable Batteries (wheelchair batteries excepted)
  24. Tear Gas
  25. Turpentine or Paint Thinner

Can you take a blender in your hand luggage?

Yes, you can take a blender in hand luggage but you must remove the blades. If the blades are not removed from the blender, you can not carry them in a hand suitcase.

At that time, you have to keep it in the checked baggage. 

Final thoughts

In the long run, it is crystal clear that blenders are allowed in airplanes under certain conditions. If you remove the blades and keep them in checked baggage, you can carry the blender in your luggage.

Otherwise, both of them should be placed in the checked baggage in order to pass through the checkpoint. Along with the blender machine, there are some other objects that you can carry with you on an airplane.

Apart from these, some other objects are also prohibited to carry. However, these rules imposed by TSA must be put into effect to have a trouble-free transition in flights. 

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