Are plastic blenders safe? [here’s why]

As a must-need kitchen appliance, the blender has a praiseworthy position and is now in huge demand throughout the world.

It can blend, whip, and pulverize food within a short time and is a brilliant machine to make juice, shakes, and smoothies. 

Following the reputation, blenders are built from plastic, glass, and stainless steel as well. Among them, plastic blenders are significantly used and found in almost every home.

They have extraordinary features that offer several advantages and user-friendly accessibility. 

But there rises the question of whether plastic blenders are safe for the human body as well as the environment.

This question has also gained acceptability since plastic is indisputably considered a contaminated and destructive ingredient for living organs.

Hence, I’m going to discuss different aspects of plastic blenders including their purposes, usefulness, advantages, and disadvantages, together with some other related factors.

Are plastic blenders safe?

Primarily, whether plastic blenders are safe or not depends on the use of different types of plastics. It is seen that various brands use various plastics from which some are of high quality and some are low. 

As an illustration, inexpensive plastic blenders are manufactured from low-quality materials that are highly detrimental to the human body and are more likely to scratch, mar and melt.

These plastics mostly contain a BPA ingredient which is toxic and inauspicious to health. Thus, if you buy cheap plastic blenders, it will be, perhaps, unsafe for you. 

On the other hand, some world-prominent brands like Blendtec and Vitamix produce plastic blenders that are greatly advanced and notably safe.

Their plastic blenders are manufactured from high-grade polycarbonate and copolyester that ensure integrity, authenticity, durability, and hardiness. Most significantly, they are BPA-free for which they are healthy.

These plastics can absorb less smell, resist any kind of scratch and heat. Hence, high-performance plastic blenders are entirely safe to use. 

Are plastic blenders good?

Plastic blenders are embellished with a lot of conveniences for they are amazingly good for any kitchen or any other place. They convey a good number of features that help you make smoothies and juice with comfort. 

If we keep attention to the goodness of plastic blenders, it is found that BPA-free plastic blenders produced from top-notch materials are undoubtedly auspicious and harmless to human health.

They are scratch and heat resistant for which you can use them safely. They do not melt any kind of materials because of regular use. 

Apart from this, they are lightweight for which it is easy to use, operate, and lift. They also contain a large capacity that enables you to blend a lot of food items at once.

Their workload is also mentionable delivering a high-grade performance. 

Overall, their price is in favor of customers so that everyone can afford them. Therefore, they are really good considering their manifold user-friendly features. 

What plastic is used for blenders?

Since plastic is adverse to the environment as well as humans, it is not recommended to use it anyhow. Consequently, plastic blenders also contain plastic materials that are derived from toxic ingredients.

It is seen that budget-friendly or cheap plastic blenders are manufactured from low-quality plastics that consist of BPA and other bitter ingredients that impact and harm the human body and environment as well.

At the same time, it should also be mentioned that plastic is used widely in the commercial sectors despite its deficiency. The reason is the high-quality polycarbonate or copolyester plastic that is used by leading industries.

Since this particular material is sturdy, scratch-resistant, heat resistant, odor-consuming, and durable, it is comparatively safe and harmless without contamination. 

Why is the plastic used in blenders?

Before answering the question, it should be indicated that all blenders are not made from plastics, rather, they can be made from glass and stainless steel. As individual customers prefer different materials, plastic blenders are just an option for them.

Therefore, predominantly, plastic is used in blenders due to its wide demand and reputation. Since plastic is cheap and budget-friendly, common people can easily afford plastic blenders.

As a result, the demand and reputation of plastic have increased so rapidly.

Then, the durability of plastic is another significant reason for which it is used in blenders. While glass blenders can be easily broken, plastics are not.

They can last a long time incessantly. Hence, their long-lasting lifespan encourages people to vastly depend on them. 

Another notable reason is the lightweight nature of plastic. For this reason, plastic blenders can be effortlessly lifted and operated.

Plastic vs glass: which is better for blenders?

It is a long-term issue whether plastic or glass blenders are better in terms of their all features. But it should be justifiable to accentuate that both are wonderful in their respective terms. 

However, I should show a comparison between them to realize their supremacy more precisely and thoroughly.

First of all, the ingredients of plastic blenders may not delight everyone as glass does. While lower quality plastic blenders contain BPA and other unhealthy ingredients, high-grade plastics contain BPA-free and harmless ingredients for which they are arguably safe.

Despite this, glass blenders are mostly suggested and preferred by experts due to their wholesome impacts. Hence, glass blenders are the healthiest blender jar and comparatively better than plastics. 

Then, glass blenders are more scratch, heat, and odor-resistant than plastic blenders. They are also environment-friendly and better at preventing chemical leaching. So, glass blenders again overrule plastic blenders in these certain aspects.

When it comes to lightweight, cost, and spacious capacity, now plastic blenders are in a higher position. Because of being lightweight, plastic blenders can be easily operated and controlled.

Then, their price is notably reasonable and everyone can afford them. They also have a large interior offering a wide area of loading food. 

Afterward, plastic blenders are better than glass blenders in terms of endurance and durability. These blenders can enjoy a long-lasting lifespan suffering rough and tough uses and also undergoing severe workload.

On the contrary, glass blenders go through a short lifespan because they can be broken easily if they fall. 

Bringing a conclusion, which is better depends on your demand. As both of them have great benefits as well as deficiencies, only you can weigh what is better for you to appease your demand. 

What is good about a plastic blender?

Plastic blenders have a good number of positive facts despite some defects and they are noticeably good because of their endurance and longevity.

Since high-quality plastic blenders are built with top-notch materials, they can tolerate a lot of pressure. They can go through extreme harsh use indeed.

Being durable, they can last a long period that is a wonderful landmark for them. 

Most popular and budget-friendly plastic blender

At this point, I’m going to help you find some extraordinary plastic blenders that have been widely popular. They are also budget-friendly and affordable.

1. Magic Bullet Blender

The first one is the Magic Bullet Blender that has been entrusted with 11 particular pieces. It runs based on a 250W high-torque power motor.

It also includes a cross-blade, tall cup, short cup, party mug, lip rings, and so on. It is highly powerful in blending and whipping the toughest food items.

On account of its brilliant features, it is one of the most popular blenders in the world. In terms of the price, it costs around $40. 

2. Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies

Now, it is the Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies that come with excellent specifications. It is completely healthy and environmentally containing BPA-Free ingredients.

It is equipped with an a175 watt motor and stainless steel blades that offer impressive efficiency and high-grade performance. Regarding cost, it is accessible at nearly $20. 

3. Ninja Personal Blender

One of the best and most powerful blenders available in the market is the Ninja Personal Blender which is equipped with a high-powered 700-Watt motor to run the machine.

It has been designed with outstanding features and technologies including pulse technology, Nutri ninja cups, blade assembly, two sip and seal lids, etc.

This excellent and durable plastic blender can cost up to $60 for its exclusive landmarks. 

4. Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender 

The final one is the Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender that has been adorned with an 1100-Watt based motor including 3 speeds, pulse, and single-serve functions.

With the help of a 6-blade assembly, it can pulverize food items at the best level turning them nutritious. Moreover, with XL capacity, it offers an enormous interior that enables more load.

Considering all the beneficial aspects, these powerful blenders are accessible at $100. 

Advantages & Disadvantages of the plastic blender jar

As I’ve pointed out earlier that plastic blenders are capable of providing a lot of advantages, they also have some disadvantages.

Now, their advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below.


  1. High-quality plastic blenders are built with polycarbonate or copolyester and BPA-free ingredients that are completely healthy and environmental.
  2. They can provide a large capacity containing a wide interior to load various foods. 
  3. Being lightweight, they can be handily lifted, used, and controlled.
  4. In terms of durability, they are simply outstanding.
  5. They are enduring, hardy, and potential.
  6. They do not break down or shatter easily although they are dropped.
  7. High-grade plastic blenders can resist any kind of scratch, heat, or odor. 
  8. They are comparatively reasonable and inexpensive.


Apart from their manifold advantages, they also bring out some drawbacks. 

  1. Primarily, plastic is an inauspicious material to the human body and environment. So, BPA-contained plastic blenders impact the human body as well as the environment.
  2. They can be discolored or develop stains over time melting the ingredients. 
  3. They are not as odor, scratch, and heat resistant as glass jars. 
  4. Low-quality plastic blenders can leach chemicals. 

Are plastic blenders heat resistant?

Plastic blenders may be built from high-end elements as well as lower-quality elements. The high-quality plastic blenders are manufactured from polycarbonate ingredients and they are all BPA-free.

Thus, these plastic blenders can notably resist heat. On the other hand, lower quality blenders can not resist heat since they are not endurable and potential. 

Tips to use plastic blenders safely

Blenders should be used properly so that they can deliver the utmost performance and last a longer life. Thus, you have to follow some instructions to use plastic blenders efficiently.

  1. Always unplug the blender after every use. 
  2. Don’t overload the blender with extra food to blend or make smoothies. 
  3. Give enough attention while blending hard foods like nuts, spinach, ginger root, etc. 
  4. Do not run the blender without loading it. Running an empty blender can minimize the efficiency and consequently its longevity.
  5. Learn the control and setting options properly and try to operate the machine carefully.
  6. Whenever you are going to clean the machine, be sure that it is unplugged. 
  7. During the cleaning, do not scrub the jar harshly. It can damage the surface. 
  8. After every cleaning job, wipe it with a neat piece of clothes. Otherwise, blades will be rusted. 
  9. Place the blender in a dry and safe zone when it is not used. 
  10. If any fault is noticed, repair the part or replace it if possible.

Final thoughts

Analyzing various things about plastic blenders, it is now intelligible that these blenders offer a great range of facilities that have increased their value and worldwide demand.

Although plastic is a dangerous material, it can be good if high-quality ingredients are used in its formation. With manifold features including efficiency, durability, clarity, and capacity, plastic blenders can be a wonderful kitchen appliance. 

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