Are portable blenders worth it? [explained]

From drink mixers invented right after the second world war, blenders have come a long way throughout the years. 

While they were much bigger and more complicated to use in the beginning, the scenario has changed gradually making our kitchen lives easier than ever. 

Twenty-first-century surprises to the blender families are the portable ones also known as personal blenders.

These battery-powered blenders are a relatively new addition to the health and fitness segment. And they are completely wonderful in different aspects.

Now, there are some facts about these portable blenders. 

Are Portable Blenders Worth It

Top Recommended Portable Ovens

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

PopBabies Portable Personal Blender

PopBabies Portable Personal Blender

Vaeqozva USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

Vaeqozva USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

Aitsite Portable Blender

Aitsite Portable Blender

Are portable blenders any good? 

Portable blenders are contemporary kitchen appliances that can be carried from place to place because it runs with the help of a strong battery while requiring no main power to operate.

That is why these are good at blending jobs and it’s pretty easy to transport or travel with one of them around.

Are portable blenders worth the money? 

Based on the prices, portable blenders’ blades are not that strong and are mostly unable to crush harder food elements while leaving chunky pieces all in it. 

On the contrary, they are truly cool and handy as you can travel literally anywhere having one with you in order to drink healthy juices or smoothies made out of comparatively tender ingredients. 

So, it really depends on the user whether he is ready to spend a few bucks more for something that can be handled and carried without hassle while compromising some choices regarding the blended items. 

What is the point of a portable blender? 

People living typical, carefree lifestyles are barely interested in owning portable blenders. But if you are a conscious individual when it comes to your meal preparation, portable USB blenders with strong motors can be very helpful. 

While you can always be ready to nail down adventurous journeys, having a portable blender helps you achieve your diet and fitness purpose within the shortest time possible. They also make your kitchen work simple and easy compared to traditional kitchen blenders. 

What are portable blenders good for? 

Portable blenders are your on-the-go favorite gear that can be carried to any place, any time. They are mainly good for people whose diet planning protein shakes or smoothies is a staple.

Through portable blenders, these people can easily make their required juices when needed. Portable blenders are not for blending very hard or everyday kitchen stuff which are for regular larger size blenders. 

The quality of the portable blender

Portable blenders made by renowned brands are quite up to the mark. 

These offer an extensive blending on-the-go experience for you at an affordable price. They are the best options for you to make a healthy puree, soup, or juices through minimum effort. 

Why is a portable blender the best choice? 

A portable blender can be the best choice out there for multiple reasons. 

They can be bought at a cheaper price unlike typical blenders while doing a lot of blending work nicely. Portable blenders offer you fresh and saucy food swiftly.

You can take them with you wherever you like as they run on a rechargeable battery and you don’t need power instantly for blending your favorite fruits. 

Furthermore, you can eat your smoothies directly from the jar as they are designed in a convenient way for instant drinking. 

Considering the aspects we can say portable blenders can be the best of your choice. 

How well do portable blenders hold their value? 

Portable blenders don’t come with a high price but they aren’t way too cheap either. Nonetheless, their blending performances are up to scratch considering the price tag.

If you need one of these, it saves your money in the long run if you don’t want to buy juice or smoothies regularly. 

Although some portable blenders come with motors and blades which tend to stop working properly if used regularly. As the motors and blades aren’t very powerful sometimes it might seem they cost more than they should. 

Are portable blenders worth buying & considering having them? 

It depends on the particular person. Portable blenders are worth buying if the customer drinks juice, smoothies, etc regularly. They are also very helpful if one travels to different places and wants to have freshly blended juice right away.

So, for health junkies, portable blenders always got to be on the top of their priority list. On the contrary, if you use blenders for regular kitchen stuff only, you can avoid buying portable ones. 

Do professional chefs use portable blenders? 

Barely. Professional chefs use high-end commercial blenders such as hand mixers, countertop blenders, or stand mixers to accomplish their day-to-day assignments. 

Unlike portable blenders, those are pretty heavy with strong and powerful motors, blades, and extra parts for multiple functions such as some for mixing juicy liquids while the others might be for baking purposes or crushing nut-like hard elements. 

However, even the pro chefs can use portable blenders for serving personal nutrition needs. 

The most popular portable blender you should have

Below is a list of some of the popular, user-friendly portable blenders you might want to have a look at- 

1. Hamilton Beach Shakes and Smoothies with BPA-Free Personal Blender 

One of the most renowned home appliance maker brands, Hamilton beach this portable blender is a BPA-free, plastic-made body.

The 175-watt motor is quite efficient while the durable and powerful stainless steel blades help make smoothies, shakes, baby formula, and salad dressing along with grinding small amounts of flaxseed, oats, etc smoothly.

The 14-ounce blender jar and lid can be used as a portable travel mug and they are absolutely dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a breeze. 

2. PopBabies Portable Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies

Another stylish, trendy, petite-size portable blender from PopBabies suitable for home, office, or travel has created a strong position for its consistency, reliable performance, and value. 

One of its unique functions is that it can blend even while charging. The motors are strong enough to crush hard elements like ice, frozen fruits, seeds, etc. Providing a maximum power of 175 watts, and 4 leaves blades, one can get about 20+ drinks per charge which tend to last for a few days if managed properly. 

There’s a fine funnel included that prevents whatever you pour into the jar from spilling over. You also get to have an extra nice little ice tray to help you make smoother juices.

Therefore, the product is a must for individuals who are pretty fond of meal replacement shakes, protein powders, or smoothies. 

3. Vaeqozva USB Rechargeable Portable Blender

Vaeqozva’s multifunctional portable blenders are practically ergonomic in their making and coloring, thanks to the designers while they are also unique in outstanding features. 

Each container works like a 380ml water bottle where you can drink directly through the mouth on the bottle cap and comes with 2 reusable straws, 1 brush for easy cleaning, and a 4000mAh lithium-ion battery through which one can squeeze 25 cups of juice at least after a full charge.

It’s equipped with one button blending option and is also detachable. It’s tiny in size and powerful in blending and preparing your daily protein shakes. Totally worth the price.

4. Aitsite Portable Blender, Personal Mixer Fruit Rechargeable USB with 2 Straws

This portable blender is made in China by the well-known kitchen appliances supplier Aitsite. Coming with two straws and a jar of 380ml, 6pcs 3D stainless steel blades make the blenders super stronger than contemporary portable blenders. 

It contains a long-lasting battery of 4000mAh lithium-ion so you don’t need to change it frequently. Again it can be charged in a variety of ways like charging by power bank or laptop etc which works just fine. 

After blending well it leaves zero chunks. It has a built-in safety function and is also easy to clean, and very convenient for one person. 

Benefits of using a portable blender

Using a portable blender can be way beneficial for individuals who are nutrient cautious. 

Through such blenders, one can achieve diet and fitness goals. 

While always ready for adventures like hiking and camping, portable blenders come as a big savior as they help you to prepare a tasty drink or meal replacement wherever you go. 

Portable blenders also benefit us by making the kitchen work easier as it’s thin and little. Also, you don’t need to worry about cables and storage. 

It also benefits the new parents very much to provide the healthy nutrients they want for their babies as a portable blender is just the right fit for preparing easy and quick homemade baby food purees. 

What would you use a portable blender for?

A portable blender can be used for different purposes. People mainly buy them to be able to carry them anywhere easily with safety while they can make shakes, juices, etc in an instant. Mainly drink or juice lovers use portable blenders for healthy meals. 

What is great about a portable blender? 

Portable blenders are one of the spectacular inventions of modern technologies. They can be transported anywhere so easily which makes life easier.

Those gears are tiny, and thin in size while providing your favorite freshly blended smoothies. You can travel to places without worrying about how to manage fresh and healthy drinks. 

Advantages of a portable blender

When you start using different types of blenders you get to experience the fact that each one has its own diverse advantages for targeted consumers. Portable blenders are no exception in this regard. 

Portable blenders have various advantages. They are stylish, colorful, and compact-sized. As a result, you don’t need to worry about storing the place. They just fit everywhere while keeping the neatness of the place.  

Because of their thin size, portable blenders are perfect to take with you anywhere you go. They are always available whenever you need to make a fresh and healthy meal. 

Another advantage of these blenders is they are pretty easy to operate and clean. No extra complicity regarding plug or cord and requires no mains power. After one full charge, you can make up to 20 juices before the battery goes down.

These blenders are speedy and ensure fast results without no spillage which is like a bonus. They are also noise-free and quite safe to use.

Even children themselves can make their drink by using a portable blender effortlessly. 

Disadvantages of a portable blender 

There are some disadvantages of portable blenders, no wonder. 

  1. The motors and blades aren’t made too strong to crush ice cubes or extra hard food elements.  
  2. Sometimes the food inside tends to stick within the blades which doesn’t let the blending process run smoothly. 
  3. Because of their tiny size, the blending container can’t hold many ingredients which limits the amount of your desired food. 
  4. Portable blenders aren’t convenient when there are extra people to serve. It works better for single people and nuclear families. 

How expensive are portable blenders & how much do they cost on average?

As portable blenders aren’t as forceful and robust as full-size blenders, their prices are more or less affordable for individuals and not that expensive. 

While an entry-level portable blender costs under $50, renowned branded ones can be quite pricey with their upgraded features and powerful motors providing much more flexibility.

However, cheap ones too are supposed to give you basic smoothie making with softer fruits. 

Are portable blenders efficient? 

Yes, they are efficient for regular use where you don’t blend tough elements and only carry them to meet the need of your demand for proteins and juices. 

Portable blenders can give your juices a fine texture and taste if mixed and blended properly. They, overall, do their job with proficiency with the required amount of food elements. 

How hard or easy is it to operate a portable blender? 

Portable blenders are manufactured and designed in a way that helps the users to operate them in the simplest way possible. 

They don’t have too many blending options like typical kitchen blenders. One or two manual switches for turning on and off the blending procedures while there lies a charging cord underneath.

The blade or motor parts run on a rechargeable battery which is charged through the plug provided. You can wash and clean them up without any effort as they are very thin and light-weighted compared to normal blenders.

These blenders are super easy to operate regularly no matter where you go. 

Any reason to avoid a portable blender? 

Individuals who need blenders for heavy usage should give a second thought before buying a portable one as those aren’t that powerful for crushing way too stiff ingredients.

Moreover, if you aren’t a big fan of having juices or carrying them around for minerals and vitamin purposes, purchasing portable blenders should be avoided. 

Difference between portable blenders and other Blenders 

There are certain differences between regular and personal blenders which offer the customers to choose according to their needs. 

The primary difference between portable and traditional blenders lies in their size. While portable blenders are compact, thin, and lightweight, countertop or other mixers or blenders are the polar opposite. They are usually heavy, larger sized, and not convenient to carry around.

Another dissimilarity is the motor and blades. While personal blenders are made with comparatively less strong motors and blades, larger blenders come with powerful motors, and very sharp blades for higher blending purposes. 

Containers or blending jars of these two are also very different in their shape and size which limit or exceed the amount of food you can prepare.

For quick and small amounts of blending personal blenders work just fine but heavy blending requires the traditional blenders. 

Whereas personal blenders are pretty fast with the bending procedure, typical ones take longer times for the blending to be finished properly. 

Final Thoughts on “Are portable blenders worth it”

Irrespective of their limited cons, portable blenders are actually considered next-gen blenders that come with game-changing technology.

If you are a health enthusiast, worried about space, and have a passion for traveling, you can consider buying a portable blender. They are really worth the money. 

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