Bread Oven Vs Pizza Oven [Great Debate Which One to Choose]

When it comes to baking at home, there are a few different options for ovens that you can choose from. Two of the most popular types of ovens for baking are bread ovens and pizza ovens.

Both types of ovens are designed with specific purposes in mind, so it’s important to know the difference before making a purchase. Here’s a quick rundown of the key differences between bread ovens and pizza ovens.

Size and Shape

One of the most obvious differences between bread ovens and pizza ovens is the size and shape. Bread ovens are typically smaller and more intimate than pizza ovens, as bread needs to be cooked slowly and evenly.

Pizza ovens can be large and cavernous, as pizzas only need to be cooked for a short period of time at high temperatures. This difference in size and shape is reflective of the different cooking styles required for each type of food.

Steam Injection Systems

Another key difference between these two types of ovens is the presence or absence of a steam injection system. Bread ovens often have steam injection systems that help to create a moist environment that is ideal for dough rising.

Pizza ovens generally don’t have this feature, as it would cause the pizza dough to become soggy. This difference is another reflection of the different cooking styles required for each type of food.

Fuel Type

One final key difference between a bread oven and a pizza oven design is the type of fuel used; a bread oven is typically heated with wood while a gas-fired pizza oven tends to produce crispier pizzas.

This difference in fuel type also affects the cooking style, as wood-fired bread ovens tend to produce crustier bread while gas-fired pizza ovens cook more evenly across the entire pie.


So, what’s the verdict? Should you buy a bread oven or a pizza oven? The answer ultimately depends on your baking needs and preferences. If you’re looking to bake crusty artisan bread, then a wood-fired bread oven is probably your best bet.

However, if you’re looking for perfectly cooked pizzas with evenly crispy crusts, then you might want to opt for a gas-fired pizza oven instead. No matter what your baking needs are, there’s an oven out there that’s perfect for you!

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