Is the vacuum blender worth it?

Since we love the aptitude to liquefy almost any food and food elements as per our requirement, blenders have become a part of our casual life. 

Vacuum blenders are the latest addition to modern kitchen appliances. They have given a new way to the idea of contemporary blending mechanisms.

Although the original concept can be dated back to the 1940s, modern vacuum blenders were first brought into the market through Tescom, a Japanese company in 2013.

As these blenders are pro-nutritious, they got popular and some other groups started manufacturing the same containing utmost quality.

In this write-up, I would like to shed some light on these blenders so that blender admirers can have some proper ideas about them.

Are vacuum blenders any good? 

Vacuum blenders are one kind of regular blender that blends the ingredients put inside in a different way. They draw all the oxygen out of the top of the jug before blending starts.

This procedure helps to slow down the harm caused by oxidation. 

Hence, it can be said that vacuum blenders are really good, especially for health enthusiasts and those who are quite picky about tastes. 

Are vacuum blenders worth the money? 

Among the blenders family, vacuum blenders are unfortunately very expensive and even bigger than the classic ones. At present, if you are considering owning a vacuum blender, be ready to spend at least $250.

The price range can go up to $700. For a kitchen appliance like that, it really is a huge amount. 

However, these blenders have their fair share of advantages like preserving the vitamins while providing a perfect taste of juices, smoothies, etc. Along with that, you are about to invest for a long period of time as these are durable enough.

So, we can say vacuum blenders are pretty much worth the money. 

What is the point of a vacuum blender? 

The main point of a vacuum blender is oxidation-free, smooth, and freshly blended drinks which are almost impossible to get in normal blenders.

Through vacuum blending, one can enjoy delicious meals while the flavor remains intact.

What are vacuum blenders good for & why do you need them?

Vacuum blenders are not just good, but rather the best option for smoothies, juices of multiple fruits where you can mix, chop and blend them properly.

The sole point of having a vacuum blender is to get the original flavor with refreshing colors, less foamy, and less separated substances. When you blend something, liquid ingredients often lose their ultimate taste, color, and most important nutrients.

Vacuum blending preserves the basics, thus helping a professional or home chef provide the best output. 

Therefore, you need vacuum blenders for your or your customers’ healthy diet while being able to acquire the food perfectly. 

The quality of vacuum blender 

Vacuum blenders are excellent in their quality with a sturdy base, durable, stainless steel blades, BPA-free and impact-resistant glass pitcher, etc.

If you look for one that has a powerful motor, it can handle vegetables, ice cubes, and frosty fruits. Their effective and smart multiple functions with easy solutions turn vacuum blending into a simple task.

Why is a vacuum blender the best choice? 

Homemade smoothies or other simple drinks made through vacuum blenders often taste fresher and more delicious. It’s because air draws out the natural level of moisture from your fruits and oxidizes them.

To keep them fresh for your drinks you need to make sure the air is vacuumed to ensure maximum nutrition and freshness. Thus, to have such healthy meals or beverages, a vacuum blender is the best choice.  

How well do vacuum blenders hold their value? 

Vacuum blenders are high functioning devices with multiple options, strong and powerful motors and blades, pre-programmed settings that keep foods away from oxidation and provide meals that give us ultimate satisfaction through their flavor, color, and wholesome textures.

Generally, they are pricey because of their multi-purpose alternatives and they hold this high value gracefully. 

Are vacuum blenders worth buying & considering having?

Of course, vacuum blenders are worth buying. With the number of facilities, they offer preserving food and serving original condition.

If you are a food lover, a health enthusiast, and can afford fairly, you should consider buying a vacuum blender.

Do professionals use vacuum blenders? 

For bulky design, loud noise, and price issues vacuum blenders are mostly used for commercial purposes. These blenders are constructed with forceful motors, and vast containers, that make them get the job done as promptly and efficiently as possible.

The manufacturing companies offer a generous period of warranty too.

Consequently, vacuum blenders are liked by professionals. Nevertheless, they can always be used in your home for your daily targets. 

The most popular vacuum blender you should have 

Here is a list of some of the most well-known and user-friendly vacuum blenders-

1. Rosewill Single Server Blender with Vacuum Bottle

This vacuum blender is made in China that comes along with a personal size juicer smoothie blender that offers one-touch blending perfect for any beverage.

It has 20 oz BPA-free dishwasher-safe Tritan stainless steel with double side openings for simple cleaning. Unlike heavy blenders, they can be fit in limited storage.

It will cost you around $30 which is pretty affordable, unlike other vacuum blenders. 

2. KLARSTEIN Airakles Vacuum Blender

This clear stain air cools vacuum blender is one of the bests. It offers 7 programs, and 6 power levels with 1300 watts of an extremely powerful motor, and lets you maintain the perfect level of speed to help you blend in food in its 1.5-liter glass jug.

Its sturdy stainless steel plates help your stuff blend and grind better. 

The only problem is that it may leak a bit if the rubber lid isn’t tight-fitting enough. 

3. Pado Ozen 310 Vacuum Blender

Made in Korea, this excellent vacuum blender has the capability to provide you maximum nutrition through increased antioxidants, and 2.6x more polyphenols that preserve natural enzymes.

With one-touch automatic smart mode or dial-in perfect lens by using the menu functions it’s easy and simple to use. You get a 27-ounce vacuum sealed storage container so you can experience the time-saving benefits of vacuum storing your blends to enjoy the next day.

The stainless steel blades can chop and blend ice and tough vegetables quickly. This vacuum blender is also dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Pado Ozen vacuum blender’s price is around $300. 

4. Oster BLSTAB-CB0-000 Blender

How often do you buy well-performing blenders for yourself that will get you the best value for your money? 

Oster quality vacuum blender features a food saver vacuum sealing system. 

It gives better blending results while allowing you to create a smoother, more colorful blend that’s bubble and foam-free. 

Additionally, it comes with 5 functions,  1000 watts of power that crushes ice, frozen fruits, and veggies for smooth and creamy results every time. It keeps the blended drinks or meals fresh and fabulous for 24 hours at least. 

The only shortcoming is that it has a plastic body.

Benefits of using a vacuum blender 

Vacuum blenders are a game-changer when it comes to performing your blending tasks. Using them brings huge benefits to the consumers. 

The best vacuum blenders are designed to remove air from the container before blending to prevent your components from getting oxidized and retain maximum nutrition. 

This prevents your drinks from having an altered, discolored taste. You can store or freeze them for later while the taste will be the same as a freshly prepared one. 

These blenders are often user-friendly with multiple functions. They provide powerful performance by reducing noise as much as possible. 

Vacuum blending preserves 40℅ more vitamin C and keeps food fresh and fine for upto 24hours compared to typical blenders. 

What would you use a vacuum blender for? 

People need to be careful about their diet. As vacuum blenders serve smoother, less frothy smoothies, soups, purees, sauces, etc by preserving nutrients and consistent texture, colors one should consider blending through vacuum blending. 

What is great about a vacuum blender? 

Vacuum blending is a door opening in the blending industry. Health foodies find it awfully handy as they can get the most out of their smoothies and other blends. 

Now, the great part about vacuum blending is, through vacuum pumps, these blenders allow you to blend stuff in a low-oxygen atmosphere that limits the oxidation of components.

As a result, you get juices with a fresh flavor and perfect consistency with reduced nutrient loss.  

Advantages of a vacuum blender

Using a vacuum blender offers the consumer various sorts of advantages which is why its market is growing quickly. 

Vacuum blenders are designed in a way that diminishes nutrient loss as it removes oxygen from the pitcher. 

It intensifies the taste and color of the blended elements while creating a smoother uniformity, unlike traditional blenders. 

Vacuum blenders allow you to store mingled drinks for a longer period of hours. 

These blenders come with a strong, robust motor base and magnificent design that is supposed to last a long time. They can easily blend hard stuff too. 

Manufacturing companies of vacuum blenders offer at least five to ten years of warranty which is a great advantage in terms of regular use of these blenders.  

Vacuum blenders are pretty easy and simple to operate. 

Disadvantages of a vacuum blender 

Along with a lot of benefits and positive aspects, vacuum blenders have certain disadvantages too that are needed to be considered before buying them. 

Most producers advise not to vacuum blend absolute dry components. So, the vacuum feature can be narrowed down to certain uses. 

One can’t remove the lid or use a tamper while the vacuum blending process is ongoing which is kind of a huge disturbance.

If you open the lid halfway through to add something, you lose the vacuum and the food ingredients might get messy. 

Some vacuum blenders make really loud noises which make a lot of consumers uncomfortable and they have complained about it from time to time. 

As vacuum blenders pump out the air from the blending pitcher before starting the blending process, they take 30 to 50 seconds longer than non-vacuum, high-speed blenders. 

How expensive are vacuum blenders & how much do they cost on average? 

Due to their outstanding capabilities of keeping the foods’ nutrition and taste intact, these blenders come with a hefty price. Vacuum blenders, basically, cost between $250 to $700 on average. 

There are some single-serve blenders with vacuum bottles of small sizes and shapes that can be bought for $50 to $100. 

Depending on your usage and demand, going through the details of the vacuum blenders available in the market will help you to choose a perfect one for yourself or your family. 

Are vacuum blenders efficient? 

Obviously, they are! Vacuum blenders are powerful, versatile, and efficient that can make your daily healthy diet such as soups, sauces, smoothies, etc.

By reducing oxidation, lowering thermal degradation, and increasing microbial stability these blenders offer you the kind of food which are full of vitamins and minerals.

With strong motors and other necessary appliances, they do their blending job marvelously. 

How hard or easy is it to operate a vacuum blender? 

There are different kinds of vacuum blenders available in the market which vary in their particular operating system as well. Some blenders are given automatic operating options while some of them can be controlled through manual dialing. 

According to your budget, you can consider buying a vacuum blender that has both options. Operating these blenders is not so arduous.

They have safety settings and built-in protection with preset programs included on the panel. Automatic overheating and overload protection saves you from worrying constantly while ingredients are blending inside.

That is why we can conclude that operating a vacuum blender is not a difficult task. 

Any reason to avoid a vacuum blender? 

Everything you buy or own has its fair share of cons. Considering those, you might or might not want to have a piece of particular machinery in your home or working place. 

Vacuum blenders can be very effective but they are a bit noisy, some of them struggle with ice. Some of them don’t have a removable blade for further cleaning. 

Containers usually come in bigger shapes, some blender attachments are very tall with sharp blades which don’t allow you to make a perfect dough.

Hence, these are certain aspects that one can avoid using a vacuum blender. 

Difference between vacuum blenders and other Blenders 

The prime difference between vacuum and other blenders lies in their blending process. 

While typical blenders blend vegetables, fruits, or other hard food elements by producing extreme heat, vacuum blenders dry out all air from the jug before mixing the components. 

Due to the heating process foods blended in regular blenders negatively affect the vitamins, minerals, freshness, color, and original taste. On the contrary, vacuum blenders preserve all of these, protecting the nutrients. 

In vacuum blenders, food elements move around the pitcher more freely and won’t oxidize too much unlike normal blenders, and thus retain the food value properly.

While standard blenders speed up food degradation, vacuum blenders sustain those. 

Vacuum storage containers can preserve food for up to a week in your fridge, unlike typical ones. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vacuum blenders a gimmick? 

Vacuum blenders are no gimmick. They offer consumers some of the best services available. These blenders keep the food quality, and taste intact.

These own strong machinery elements that help them last long making the owner content. 

Final Thoughts on Is the Vacuum Blender Worth It

Nowadays, Vacuum blended meals have become popular among food enthusiasts. If you are a big fan of freshly blended fruits and other drinks or meals, you may consider buying a vacuum blender at an affordable price.

You’ll see and taste the difference while enjoying perfectly blended fresh beverages full of nutrition. 

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