Ooni Pro Vs Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Oven

For anyone in the market for a portable pizza oven, the Ooni Pro and Ooni Karu 16 are two of the most popular options. Both ovens have their pros and cons, so it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll compare the two ovens side-by-side to help you make a decision.

Comparison of the Ooni Pro and Ooni Karu 16 Pizza Ovens

One of the biggest differences between the two ovens is the insulation. The Ooni Pro does not have any insulation, while the Karu 16 has a thick layer of ceramic fiber insulation. This insulation provides superior heat retention to the pizza oven and gets it to 950 degrees faster than any other portable pizza oven before – in just 15 minutes!

Another difference is the size of the fuel tray. The Karu 16 has a larger fuel tray than the Pro, which means it can hold more wood and charcoal as well as provide better airflow. Not only will it burn longer, but it’s also more efficient and consistent in maintaining cooking temp.

Finally, the Karu 16 has a built-in temperature gauge, while the Pro does not. This means that you can more easily monitor and adjust the temperature inside your oven, ensuring that your pizzas are cooked to perfection every time.


So, which pizza oven is right for you? If you’re looking for an oven with better insulation and faster heat-up times, then the Ooni Karu 16 is a great option. If you prefer an oven with a larger fuel tray and built-in temperature gauge, then the Ooni Pro might be a better choice for you. Ultimately, it comes down to your specific needs and preferences.

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