Are Steam Ovens Worth It: Are They Good? (Explained)

An oven is a valuable tool that is designed to meet all the cooking needs of your home. Ovens began to be used for fast food cooking, safety, and food quality.

Manufacturers have created different types of ovens as they are used for different purposes, starting from making pottery and ceramics.

Among the various models of ovens, the steam oven is an ideal choice. A steam oven means cooking or preparing food using hot steam.

Ovens provide one of the best ways to heat any food in a controlled way through steam.

Are Steam Ovens Worth It Are They Good

The pattern of cooking using steam was first found in ancient China. Vienna chefs built steam deck ovens for cooking baguettes in the 18th century. From the very beginning of their manufacture, various models of steam ovens were gradually made and used.

In this article, we will explain the value and goodness of having a steam oven and other things, and surely it will help you decide if it is right for you.

Are steam ovens any good?

Steam ovens are a good choice for those who are interested in preparing healthy, easy meals. This is because steam ovens retain the color, vitamins, and nutrients of your food. Steam ovens usually have a reservoir.

That reservoir holds the water used during cooking, heats the water, and turns it into steam. The hot steam goes around the food in the oven and the food heats up quickly. In addition to providing time-saving benefits and maintaining nutritional value, today’s steam ovens are much better than other traditional ovens.

Are steam ovens worth the money?

Steam ovens can be your money machine every day and throughout the year. Because of its advanced features, it has become quite popular. It helps retain 25% more vitamins and nutrients than conventionally cooked foods.

Its investment cost is also much higher and more worthwhile due to its advanced features, side demand, and large density.

Worth the price

Comparison Chart

If you’re in a hurry, shortly we are recommending some best steam ovens that you should consider buying. You can be assured we only recommend the best oven.

Our Top 3 pick:

Oven NameTop FeaturesItem WeightBuying Option
Balmuda Steam oven with a compact designAdvanced steam technology.
Heating more rapidly.
Precise temperature control.
13.72 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Cuisinart convection steam ovenSpecialized proofing technology.
40% quicker cooking system.
Removable water reservoir.
23.4 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
F.Blumlein 34 qt steam oven10 improved cooking functions.
Fast heat circulation process.
Available child lock.
18 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Tovala gen smart steam oven5 advance cooking mood.
Can control it with smartphone.
Barcode scan cooking process.
15 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Whynter TSO  multifunction steam ovenExtra-large capacity.
Adjustable temperature with preset time.
Optimal heat circulation with advanced function.
59.3 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Aug combi-steam ovenMultifunctional advice system included.
Advance recirculation heating technology.
Safe to use with door lock & resistant tempered glass.
38.9 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Sharp superheated steam ovenSuper heated steam within temperature range.
Special built-in feature for making pizza.
Better testing food technology.
24.5 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Robam portable convection steam oven7 cooking modern available.
Controlled temperature precision.
Self-cleaning mechanism.
32 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Tiger steam oven (Japan)Tasty baked system.
Automatic cleaning mode.
Easy to use.
15.18 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price
Ultrean 16 qt steam oven (with 50 built-in recipes)Multifunctional steam air.
8 preset full steam mood.
Large capacity with 3 layers design.
21.8 lbsCheck The Most Reasonable Price

What is the point of a steam oven?

The benefit of using a steam oven is that it preserves the nutritional value and vitamins in the food. This is a simple explanation; inside the cavity of the steam oven is a water tank. Water is pressed through a pump and food is made by turning that water into hot steam.

The steam oven allows you to cook flavorful foods while maintaining the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients. They also work wonders in enhancing the texture of all your prepared foods, keeping the food balanced, and preventing it from drying out.

What are steam ovens good for?

Steam ovens are faster than cooking in a conventional oven, especially for cooking a few batches of any food such as bread, cake, pasta, vegetables, fish and meat, etc.

It allows you to cook your food to the fullest by retaining the nutrients in your food.

Good for baking bread:

Steam ovens are undoubtedly beneficial for baking bread. Bread is usually baked without the use of oil or fat, and it is made in the dry method. In a steam oven, food is not fried in oil or fat.

As a result, professional bakers use steam ovens for baking bread. The temperature for baking bread is set at 430/220 degrees Celsius. The use of a steam oven at the beginning of the bread baking process in the steam oven causes the bread to become crispy on the surface. 

The main reason for this is that the steam heat creates a wet surface which will help to bake the bread more evenly. Therefore, it gives a great result in baking bread.

Good for baking cake:

The best result for making a cake is a soft or fluffy center with plenty of moisture. This is because when the ingredients for making cakes are stirred quickly in the same direction, the ingredients become sticky easily. As a result, the cake becomes hard and does not break or soften.

 But a steam oven helps you cook your cake evenly while maintaining the taste and moisture of your cake through the use of a hot-pressed system. This means that you can reduce the amount of oil or butter used in the cake-making process, otherwise, a delicious cake without all the oil can be made quickly in a short time.

The quality of steam ovens:

A steam oven has the quality of baking or roasting fish and meat, grilling, etc. Because it makes food using full 100% steam mode. The steam oven cooks with humid heat which helps to double the taste of the food.

Quality of any product

As well as maintaining the health of the body, removing excess oil or fat and calories from food. Maintaining a balanced diet reduces the risk of disease in the body.

Why is a steam oven the best choice?

Oven is an essential appliance used in everyday cooking. An oven will be your best choice only when the oven can meet your cooking needs. Each oven comes with a different feature shape.

One of the features of a steam oven is that it cooks your food through the steam method. Because less oil or fat is used, the kitchen is less likely to become dirty and is easier to keep clean. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for oils or fats in food and retains nutrients while keeping food moist.

So, making food in a steam oven is considered to be the healthiest way to cook and the best choice.

How well do steam ovens hold their value?

Steam ovens are considered to be more advanced than other ovens. The superheated steam is just as effective at cooking your food as it is at maintaining the value of the food. Most steam ovens heat a small water tank to 212 degrees Fahrenheit before evaporating the water and leaving it in the oven.

Some high-quality steam models do not have to worry about running out of water. Ovens can be connected directly to a water line. Even reheating a few days-old or stale food in a steam oven can give it a new lease on life.

Are steam ovens worth buying & consider having them?

If you are thinking of buying a steam oven, you will be surprised to hear that it is a very worthwhile investment compared to other ovens. There are some brands of steam ovens that have a much higher initial cost. Prices for steam ovens range from $2,000 to much higher.

High brands can give you back an average of $4,000. Despite being more worth buying, they offer much more versatility.

Do professional chefs use the steam oven?

Professional chefs spend nearly half of their day in the kitchen. For extra guests, extra meals, and huge cooking, they want an oven that will give maximum results in a short time. One device to consider for professional chefs is a steam oven.

The steam oven provides excellent and reliable cooking results. Cooking can be done faster in this oven than in other ovens. That’s why professional chefs and bakers have been using steam ovens in their cooking for years.

The most popular steam oven you should consider to have it (mostly used by professional chefs):

We’ve picked these 4 best products researching more than 213 ovens that are recommended by well-known chefs all over the world! You can buy any of them. 

Balmuda toaster steam oven (with 5 cooking modes):

This is a  great toast oven for bread, pizza, rolls, cookies, cakes, and grits. It helps to make the food tasty, soft, or fluffy and heats up quickly.

Like most toaster ovens, a nonstick small baking tray is included which works very well to protect the food from sticking. There is a  measuring cup smaller than a teaspoon that can hold 5 ccs of water. There are 2 dials for temperature and a timer in front of the oven.

There are different mode options for each meal. It can bake food up to a maximum temperature of 450 degrees. This oven is identified as the best way to make any type of bread by steam using five different methods.

Cuisinart convection steam oven:

This is an oven desirable for making many loaves together quickly. Due to the large size, many snacks or meals can be cooked together very quickly. It cooks 40%  faster than conventional ovens for making fish, chicken, duck, vegetables, or any other food.

Bread, toast, convection bake, bake steam, broiler, broiler steam, super steam, bread, and all heating setting combinations are available. It comes with separate trays that can be used to make a variety of dishes. It also helps retain moisture, retains food nutrients, and achieves healthy results.

F.Blumlein convection & countertop steam oven (with 24 preset menus):

It is one of the steam ovens for making large family meals. It is much larger in size, so it is quite suitable for baking a large chicken. It conducts heat faster than conventional ovens.

As a result, more can be cooked in less time. The front has a cool air vent system that helps keep your kitchen cool. Different modes of operation exist for use instead of microwaves, and the oven plays a safer role in the case of burns or fires.

Tovala gen smart steam oven (with 5 programmable modes):

It is a modern steam oven based on Wifi. This is one of the ovens for steam, baking, and broiling. It is capable of making any delicious meal in just 20 minutes or less using 5 separate functions without any preparation.

The Tovala steam oven gives you the skills to cook like a chef. It can cook food up to a maximum of 500 degrees. It cooks every meal to perfection and will give you a warning signal when your cooking is over.

Benefits of using a steam oven:

Today’s steam ovens are well known as a great alternative to microwave cooking as well as providing time-saving benefits. Steam ovens are a great choice for preparing a variety of healthy meals. So, we tried to verify the benefits of having a steam oven and hopefully, it will help you decide if the oven is right for you.

  1. More food can be made in less time.
  2. It eliminates the need for oil or fat.
  3. Maintains the natural taste of food.
  4. Maintains nutritional, vitamin, and mineral salts in food.
  5. Steam goes around the food and heats the food quickly.
  6. Since the use of oil or fat is very low, the cooking utensils are clean.
  7. There is no possibility of burning as there is no effect of fire.
  8. It gives better heating results than microwaves and gas ovens.

What would you use a steam oven for?

A steam oven is a method of cooking with hot steam instead of the heat of a fire. This is the easiest way to cook the most gentle. A steam oven combines baking with steam in just one device, which works to keep the food inside balanced.

So you can cook all your favorite foods without losing valuable nutrients or vitamins and do not have to compromise on the taste of the food. It is also quite desirable to provide fire safety. We recommend that you use a steam oven to enjoy all of the above features.

What is great about a steam oven?

Humidity is great in a steam oven.  Most ovens do not cook with moisture. So there is no system to store water in the oven.

choose a model

But the steam oven has a water tank inside the hole. Water is pressurized by a pump and that water turns into hot steam. This means that the humidity in this oven is kept at the optimum level and this hot humidity is considered a great feature of steam ovens.

Is a steam oven healthy?

Cooking in a steam oven can be a healthier alternative to frying in oil or fat. Cooking food using a steam oven creates a dry texture. The nutritional value of food is lost in cooking by the boiling and heating method of fire.

Mineral salts, vitamin C and folic acid are easily damaged by cooking heat. But steam ovens help retain more nutrients than other types of cooking and baking.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a steam oven?

The steam oven cooks all kinds of food that are very healthy, balanced, and full of flavor. In a steam oven, you can simultaneously prepare different types of food in different ways. Due to its high density, it requires frequent cleaning. 

Above is a very brief explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of a steam oven. We’ve explained in more detail below what can help you make important decisions when choosing a steam oven.


  • Maintains good taste in food.
  • Maintains the natural texture of food.
  • Retains food moisture.
  • The use of dry heat reduces the risk of burns.
  • Different foods can be cooked at the same time.
  • Time is saved.


  • It can be very expensive due to the good quality.
  • It takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.
  • Due to the large size, it needs to be cleaned frequently.
  • Food is not brown.

How expensive are steam ovens & how much Do they cost on average?

The characteristics of the steam oven, voltage, unit, and the price of a single steam oven also vary due to the variation of the guided cooking program. Prices for low or medium steam ovens start at $3,000.

For example, the Wolf CS030CMS steam oven costs $5,159, the Miele DGC6865 XXL costs $5,699, and the Thermador P0DS302W costs $8,590.

A steam oven can cost up to $4000 on average, but the investment cost of any model steam oven is extremely high.

Are steam ovens efficient?

review with happy face

The power to cook in the oven is ineffective when the full heat is not found in the food. The energy-saving and efficiency of using a steam oven are much higher than the use of conventional gas ovens or toaster ovens. In these, hot steam falls directly on and around the food, so cooking time is greatly reduced.

The heating element in a steam oven is much lower than the wattage and voltage of conventional oven components. It takes 2 hours to cook a large breed of chicken in a conventional oven, which takes about 20 minutes to bake in a steam oven.

These can save extra energy because the whole meal can be made in a steam oven without using a separate pot on top of the oven.

How hard or easy is it to operate a steam oven?

Steam ovens are not difficult to operate and are extremely easy to refill in 1-liter water containers. Like conventional ovens, steam ovens also have time options. If you set a suitable timer for the food and put it inside the cavity of the baking pan or sheet pan oven, the food will be prepared by itself.

No need to keep an eye on the timer later because the oven shuts off automatically after cooking. Moreover, there is no need to worry about getting out of the steam oven. So, it is easy to operate a steam oven.

Is there any reason to avoid a steam oven?

It is very difficult to find a specific reason to avoid a steam oven. Because these are not gas ovens, there is no possibility of a gas leak or any accident. The steam oven cooks the food at full humidity, so the prepared food retains the balanced ingredients.

However, if you want to brown the food, it should be avoided in this case. Because of the limited use of steam in the oven, oil or fat does not brown the food. So it is not suitable for making brown food.

Are steam ovens messy?

Cleaning or using a steam oven is not messy. It uses less oil or fat, so it doesn’t get dirty after oil splashes inside the oven. But if you cook something like a grill and roast that spills oil around, you need to clean the inside of the oven by hand.

Otherwise, the steam oven is not messy for making dry food or light food. Only remove some moisture at the end of cooking.

Are steam ovens a fad?

Although it tends to cook your food with hot steam instead of fire. Bakers and chefs have been using steam ovens for many years because of their good results and improved features. Recently, they have started to gain traction in the home kitchen.

Every manufacturer has been making different models of steam ovens. Among them are Thermador, Miele, and manufacturers like Bosch, each with their model. Their models indicate that these are transient fads.

What is the difference between a steam oven and others oven?

Huge differences exist between a steam oven and others in terms of size and quality. We found out the difference between them by setting up a table. Hopefully, this will help give you a bigger idea.

Steam ovensOther ovens
Cooking food in high humidity.Cooking food over a natural gas or coal fire.
Low heat allows you to cook more.It is necessary to use a higher temperature.
Oil or fat is not required.Oil or fat is required.
Since it is cooked through steam, the food does not turn brown.Excess heat is used so the food turns brown.
Due to its large size, many batches can be cooked at the same time.As it is small or medium in size, the food has to be cooked in separate batches.
Food maintains nutrition, vitamins, taste, and color.Food nutrition, vitamins, taste, and color change or are lost.
Cooking is done very quickly.The cooking time is lengthy.

Can you use a steam oven as a normal oven?

Of course, you can use a steam oven as a normal oven. Steam ovens provide better results than other ordinary ovens. More cooking in this oven can be made in a very short time.

Grill, chicken, cake, toast, etc. can be made in any model oven. In fact, if the guest is suddenly at home and the food is not cooked, the oven plays an important role in baking many dishes at once. If you have a steam oven at home, you can use that oven as a normal oven without worrying.

Is a steam oven better than a normal oven?

The steam oven provides excellent quality results in excellent cooking. Steam baking is considered to be the best way to cook because it retains the nutrients by keeping the food dry during the cooking process. Cooking is much faster than a normal oven.

A normal oven is not able to provide all the benefits a steam oven can. That is to say, a steam oven is better than a normal oven.  

Is a steam oven better than a microwave?

A steam oven is a great alternative to a microwave for reheating or cooking non-frozen food. Although more heat is used in microwave ovens, food can be heated very quickly and efficiently. But the extra heat destroys the quality of the food, which is not necessary for cooking in a steam oven.

Many foods can not be baked at the same time in the microwave. Because these are much smaller in size than steam ovens. Microwave radiation can damage the lens of the eye, and exposure to high-temperature radiation can cause cataracts in the eye.

So hopefully, a steam oven is better than a microwave. 

Can you use a steam oven as a microwave?

Microwave ovens are electric ovens that cook food through radiation. It heats and cooks food in a very short time using radiation technology. Like a steam oven, it does not spoil the nutrition of food. 

Microwaves and steam ovens both use low voltage. These often have the same properties and give equal results in cooking. So, you can use a steam oven as an alternative to a microwave.

Related FAQs

Are bosch steam ovens good?

Yes, this is a good steam oven function with the help of steam, gently cooking or heating all your food. This doubles your cooking repertoire and helps you create many delicious dishes together in a very short time. The oven has multiple trays for baking multiple meals at once.

It has a water storage tank that is very easy to use and can be filled reasonably easily. It can give you perfect results in making fast food with a 100% taste of food 50% of the time.

Are Combi steam ovens worth it?

A Combi-steam oven is one of the appliances to choose from for your kitchen. It is a convection oven that comes in the form of additional features of the steam setting. These keep the humidity better than other ovens and cook the food evenly.

Moreover, it retains the nutrients of the food, keeps the natural color, and helps to eliminate the need for oil. It has more power to improve the quality of your food. It can cook fish, meats, and vegetables, etc. quickly at a temperature of 86/527F degrees or 30-275C degrees. So, Combi steam ovens are definitely worth it.

Are steam assist ovens worth it?

Steam assist ovens can be a worthwhile option because it helps to use your food to the full potential of steam cooking. It is mostly used for pizza, baking, and cakes, etc. So an eco clean oven is probably more efficient than other gas ovens and pyrolytic ones. 

We have explained more about the benefits and advantages of steam cooking. These are also more valuable.

Are Wolf steam ovens worth it?

These ovens are worth it. A steam oven dominates any food by combining convection, dry heat, steam, and modern cooking methods. Although wolf steam ovens have been designed to make a variety of vegetables and bread.

The unique feature of the wolf steam oven is that it can maintain and adjust its internal temperature for the most efficient cooking. Another feature of this is that it does not change or compromise the taste of food between the different foods and ingredients you cook. Multiple dishes can be cooked at the same time in multiple trays.

It helps you save up to 22% of vitamins and minerals to cook your food using steam.

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Final thoughts:

A steam oven can make your kitchen life easier to achieve when it comes to cooking, baking, heating, or any other form or with suitable features of cooking. Thanks to steam oven technology, it has helped chefs, bakers, and housewives by providing easy access to cooking. With the diversification and growing popularity of healthy food, steam cooking is becoming more common.

It has become quite known as a healthy way of cooking. In conclusion, a steam oven serves as a great, desirable, and often easy way to cook your meals.


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