What Are Convection Ovens Good For? (Checked)

An oven is a hall that is heated thermally for the purpose of drying wet food. Ovens are usually used for safety, quick-cooking, and easy cooking, but there are special models of ovens for special purposes. One of the special-purpose ovens is the convection oven.

Usually, the first convection oven was developed in 1945,  which is well known as the Maxon oven. These are also used for industrial applications, food factories, and non-food.

The convection oven is also known as a fan-assisted oven. Convection ovens work by circulating hot air around the food and producing delicious food by providing too much heat.

This makes the food much tastier at lower temperatures and in a much faster time than non-fan ovens or conventional ovens.

In this article, we will discuss in detail below what it is like to have a fan-assisted or convection oven. If you are a new consumer, buying this oven will help you a lot in deciding whether it is right for you.

What are convection ovens good for?

What Are Convection Ovens Good For

Convection ovens are commonly used for baking. When a convection oven is used, the hot air or heat pushes around the food and ensures that it is able to help cook all your food evenly on all sides.

So, it is much better for most baking, roasting, cooking, vegetables, fish, meat, cookies, cakes, bread, pizza, burgers.

We have explained this more broadly below to give you an idea of what this means.

good for baking cakes

Baking cakes in a convection oven is considered to be a much easier way. This is much better and more efficient than baking a cake in a conventional non-fan oven.

The main reason for this is that cakes are usually light, soft, and hot air bubbles can create thick, flat, and good results.

A cake is usually baked at a temperature of 325°F to 450°F, but it is baked at a lower temperature in a convection oven. If the cake’s recipe recommends a temperature of 350°F, reduce it to 225°F.

This will make a delicious cake very quickly, in 30-40 minutes instead of 1 hour during cooking. 

Moreover, in this oven, you can bake several cakes at once without the fear of baking a cake quickly.

good for baking bread

There is a wide fixed temperature at which the bread is baked. Bread is usually baked at 325F to 500F (162-260C). However, a convection oven helps bake your bread 25% faster and better at a lower temperature than a conventional oven.

For example, if you bake your bread at 300F degrees, you need to bake the bread at 325F degrees in the convection oven. No need to heat the convection oven before baking the bread. This saves you time and reduces your energy consumption.

good for pizza

Using a convection oven to make pizza is extremely easy, fast, delivers high temperatures, and is a great option. This is because a convection oven’s hot air allows the pizza to cook evenly on all sides, up, down, and side by side.

The hot air flow melts the cheese, providing the pizza with both a golden brown and a delicious crust.

A delicious pizza can be enjoyed very quickly by setting the convection oven to 400°F and placing the oven rack in the middle position.

Even after the oven is off, the hot air inside the oven can keep the pizza hot for at least 3 hours, which is a special advantage when making pizza in the convection oven.

good for baking cookies

Cookies are baked products or food. The convection oven is quite good and suitable for this freshly baked product. The hot air present in the oven should not be a problem for the preparation of cookies. 

This is because most cookies are not disturbed by the hot ventilation in the oven, but rather give a combination of heat cookies performed by hot air and can be made very easily.

Many batch cookies in long shapes, round or different shapes can be made at the same time with the help of different trays in a convection oven without any compression.

If you want to bake a soft cookie, you can use oven-bake mode without serving.

good for brownies

Convection ovens are suitable for all kinds of products, from fish, meat, pizza, cookies, and brownies. Because brownies require more hot air, which is found in the convection oven.

The convection process is more energy and time-saving than the oven cooking method without fan assistance.

So, brownies can also be baked by reducing the temperature of the oven by 25%. Spray your baking pans with nonfat, butter, oil or grease on the pans for 25/30 minutes to create a very nice brownie.

The hot air from the convection oven spreads around the ingredients to make brownies with a suitable flavor.

good for braise

Convection ovens will be good for braising only when you cook them at a slower pace. Because braising is usually somewhat fluid. That is, the braising is partially immersed in the liquid.

If you brown the fish and meat before you cook it, even if you cook it for a short time, you will get very good results. Because fish and meat are heated only by moist air and the liquid around them.

The heat radiated from around the oven heats the cooking liquid and helps to create the braising by moistening the air.

This means that a convection oven is quite good for cooking braising for a long time at low temperatures.

good for bake potatoes

Potatoes are used in almost all recipes. Fresh potatoes are soggy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Although there are different methods for cooking potatoes, the convection method is the ideal choice for making a baked potato.

The potatoes are properly baked in a convection oven at a temperature of 375 degrees Fahrenheit. Making a few holes around the potato helps it release steam during baking.

If you want a baked potato with brown skin, rubbing it with oil, fat or butter will cook delicious potatoes in a convection oven in just 45 minutes.

Why should you use a convection oven?

There are many advantages to using a convection oven that can not be enjoyed in a regular oven. This oven has a fan exhaust system that helps give hot air to the food above, below, and around it and expels it again. Using this oven is a good choice because it is more efficient. 

These are some of the main reasons for using a convection oven:

Fast cooking

The hot airflow of the assisted fan in the convection oven goes directly around the food and helps to cook the food quickly. It is often cooked 25% faster than a regular oven.

Equally cooking skills

It does not keep any moisture inside and outside the food. Hot air plays an effective role in cooking food perfectly equally.

Great way to brown

This oven has an exhaust system that is not in the regular oven. The lack of a regular oven exhaust system can cause the air to become a bit humid, as moisture cannot escape outside.

Convection ovens create a dry atmosphere in the food which caramelizes the food sugars during frying and helps to brown the food like fish, meat, vegetables, etc.

Make a lot of food at the same time

This oven usually has a lot of trays. Which can be cooked simultaneously in many batch meals.

Energy and time-saving

A convection oven cooks food in less time using less energy, which prevents much more energy and time wastage.

Most popular & affordable convection oven you should BUY

review with happy face

There are various models of convection ovens that have become very popular due to their advanced features.

Among the popular convection models, we have found some ovens that you can buy at affordable prices that will make your cooking of pizza, bread, cakes, etc. easier and help you with better results.

Mueller Convection oven for baking

This is a very popular brand, basically, an Austrian company that makes their products in China. Among the products of the Mueller brand, the steel toaster oven is an interesting and great product.

This toaster oven comes with many quality features and multi-functional cooking, including providing a smooth, soft result for making biscuits, pastries, cakes, pizzas, pies, vegetables, egg rolls, broiling, toasting, and baking, etc.

Different foods can be baked at different temperatures, ranging from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the best features of a toaster oven is its ability to quickly heat any food.

This convection toaster oven uses less energy to cook small meals, which means it is ideal for saving electricity. 

Black decker Convection oven for sublimation

It is a brand with a good fair rating or affordable price for reliability. Which is convection cooking technology for fast cooking results in large-sized burgers, pizzas, breads, etc.

Multiple separate pans are designed to cook multiple meals together, which makes mealtime easier.

There are separate multi-functions for toasting, broiling, baking, and keeping food warm. It allows you to set the minimum temperature for cooking pizza, snacks, and other foods ranging from 250°F to 450°F. Moreover, there is no need to preheat.

So, with this oven, you can start cooking evenly in a very short time. It is able to help you cook all your food deliciously through its advanced heat transfer process.

Breville Convection oven for pizza

Breville is an Australian brand, founded in 1932 in Sydney town. Toaster convection ovens are the most well-known and popular product of the Brielle brands. It is a convection countertop oven full of high features that creates the ideal cooking environment to give perfect cooking results.

It will bring your cooking to perfection up to a maximum temperature of 450F for 9 different multi-functional recipes, including bagels, pizza, cookies, worms, grill, reheat, toast, bake, and Breille.

Moreover, the assisted fan of the oven provides heat energy by running hot air where the energy is needed. Compared to other ovens, it can be cooked faster by reducing cooking time by 30%, which is more time efficient.

It’s a high-capacity super convection toaster oven that provides heat and maximizes airflow for cooking pizza, burgers, roasts, and grills, among other things.

Oster Convection oven for macarons

This is the air fry countertop baking toaster oven. The oven is designed with 2 doors to make it easier to take food in and out. The oven saves more oil or fat.

Its air frying helps you make all the food of your choice with 99.5% less oil and provides hotter air at lower temperatures, which saves food 40% faster.

One of its features is that it has separate control commands for broiling, toasting, warming, baking, pizza, defrost, and dehydrating, which allow you to control your food digitally and evenly brown any food.

Let’s turn your meals into more delicious, healthier, and crispy snacks with this oven.

Convection oven vs Regular oven: which oven should you choose?

The main difference between a convection oven vs a regular oven is the heat transfer process. The convection oven has an assisted fan that circulates constant hot air around the food inside the oven. Regular ovens do not have an assisted fan.

That is, heat is transmitted from the heating element below or above the side of the oven. The general rule of baking in a convection oven is to reduce the cooking temperature and perform faster cooking. It is much faster, more attractive and more consistent than regular ovens.

Since the hot air flows around the food through the fan in the convection oven, the food turns brown very quickly and is much tastier. Convection ovens cook food at 25% lower temperatures than regular ovens. That means it saves a lot more energy than a regular oven.

A review of these two ovens shows that a convection oven is capable of delivering much better results than a regular oven. So we think that you should choose a convection oven.

Can you use a convection oven as a regular oven?

A convection oven can certainly be part of a regular, electric, gas, or convention oven. Although you prefer a type of oven for your baking that will give you the best cooking skills, there are many benefits to cooking in a convection oven.

It can be useful for recipes like pizza, roast, dessert etc. where you want to make your food more delicious and cook evenly.

It is more efficient in serving many dishes at the same time. You can, of course, use a convection as a regular oven to get faster cooking and better cooking results.

Are convection ovens safe for health?

Convection ovens are an essential element of a healthy and beautiful lifestyle because they are an alternative to cooking. Convection ovens are perfect for health safety as long as the food is cooked properly and at the right temperature.

The hot air in the oven surrounds the food, so the food is cooked perfectly both externally and internally.

That means there is no possibility of any part of the food being raw. This oven has a heating element at the top, bottom and side with a fan for ventilation which cooks the food quickly and prevents uneven heating or dehydration.

Moreover, the nutrients and vitamins in the food prepared with the help of air are never damaged.

So, with the help of this oven, you can say that cooking all the food is really good and safe for your health.

Convection vs Convention oven: Which oven is better?

The difference between a convection oven and a convention oven circulates heat through the air around the food. The heat in a convention oven rises from the bottom to the top. After that, the convection oven needs to be preheated, but convection ovens do not need to be preheated.

So heat and time are saved. Convection ovens are capable of cooking 25% faster than convention ovens. Convection ovens have the ability to quickly brown any of your food.

Food that would take an hour in a conventional oven can be easily prepared in 20 minutes in a convection oven. It can be seen that a convection oven is more efficient in all aspects of time, power and speed than a convention oven. So a convection oven is much better than a conventional oven.

Pros and cons of convection oven:

If you are thinking of buying a new convection oven, consider the pros and cons of the oven. Because the more you know and understand the pros and cons of using a convection oven, the easier it will be for you to decide to buy the oven.

What We like

  1. Makes food much faster.
  2. All foods are cooked equally.
  3. No part of the food is raw.
  4. Makes many dishes at the same time with the help of multiple jars.
  5. Food quickly turns golden brown.
  6. Energy and time-saving.
  7. Easy to maintain.
  8. No need to preheat.

What we don’t like

  1. It is much more expensive.
  2. Food burns if not properly adjusted.

When you shouldn’t use a convection oven?

Although the convection oven is a great option for any meal, we are less impressed with the use of convection settings in making certain foods, such as various desserts. Convection ovens are rarely used for very delicate foods such as bread, cookies, or muffins.

This is because the use of convection heating in making these delicate foods can create cracks in the food. The assisted fan blows air around the oven, so delicate or moist foods are likely to spill around the oven and be baked unevenly. So, when preparing delicate foods, a convection oven should be used sparingly.

Is a convection oven really worth it?

Overall, the convection oven setting is really worth it if you want a delicious cooking result. You basically don’t want a fan located outside the oven that will cook food in cold spots and unevenly by blowing hot air into the cavity of the oven.

The inside of the convection oven has heating elements and a fan. Whose effectiveness is described in the discussion above in the article. In light of the above discussion, it can be said that it is worth it to perform all the work of cooking.

Does a convection oven save energy?

Convection ovens are actually more efficient at storing energy than other ovens. The fan that is in the convection oven continuously circulates air through the oven. When there is a constant flow of hot air around the food, the food is cooked faster in less time.

Moreover, there is no need to preheat the oven. So it is estimated that a convection oven produces food using about 20% less energy.


Are microwave convection ovens good?

Convection microwave ovens work well for long-term cooking. A microwave convection oven can provide you with a variety of cooking benefits. Not only does it heat the food, but it also gives you the option to heat the food as well as roast, bake, Braille, and much more.

Such as: allowing browning, reheating, crisping, and defrosting. A convection microwave oven helps you provide better cooking results by speeding up cooking. The best results in cooking can be achieved with this oven.

Are gas convection ovens good?

Gas ovens do not offer convection options without natural gas and electric power. Gas convection uses natural gas to start the flame with the main burner on or next to the oven. A fire or flame ignited by gas radiates to the oven and cooks the food at the desired temperature, as well as providing dry hot air, which is ideal for baking crispy bread.

A convection gas oven is capable of storing 30% of energy. The convection gas oven has a fan to circulate hot air throughout the oven and it turns off when the burner is on for cooking. This helps to cook evenly by allowing air to move more freely inside the oven.

Can you use a convection oven instead of a microwave oven?

The features of microwaves and convection ovens are often close. Convection ovens have some additional features rather than microwave ovens. A convection oven can perform all the tasks of cooking in a microwave oven.

Both convection ovens and microwaves conduct heat evenly inside the oven. A convection oven heats to a higher temperature than a microwave oven for roasting, browning, baking, and crisping. Moreover, it is more energy-efficient than gas ovens, microwaves, conventions, and toaster ovens.

So you can easily use a convection oven instead of a microwave oven without any hesitation.

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Recently, convection ovens have been made for all types of food. Once, the convection oven was a luxurious and valuable appliance for the professional kitchen. But they have now become a valuable kitchen appliance for all housewives as well.

These ovens are an exciting, important, and valuable tool for baking and roasting using an assisted fan to conduct heat throughout the oven.

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