Where is the dishwasher made? (95 Brands checked)

It’s impossible to think of a tidy kitchen without a dishwasher. It’s an appliance that is used to clean your cookware, dishware, and cutlery. It doesn’t require any physical labor. 

A dishwasher would remove the dirt from your dishware. It consumes less energy and water. And works fast to give you a quick and safe result. 

In the market, there are a lot of dishwasher brands. Among them, it’s not easy to find the perfect one for you. So today we will be providing you with some information about some brands.

And you will also get to know where are they made. So let’s have a check.


Robert Bosch GmbH, basically known as Bosch, is a multinational company of German. Bosch manufactures many types of engineering and technological devices.

Bosch is familiar with its dishwasher. Its dishwashers are powerful and have a large capacity. And the Bosch dishwashers are made in the USA. 


It’s a company from Sweden. It’s making dishwashers, refrigerators, and washing machines. Asko dishwashers are great with premium design, excellent performance, and top-notch durability. And most of the products of Asko are made in Slovenia. 


Dishlex is well known for offering great performance, excellent value, and reliability. Dishlex dishwashers are nicely designed. They wash fast and are safe.

They offer Quick 30 functions which are ideal for users. Most of the Dishlex products are made in Australia and others are from Europe, South-East Asia, and China. 


Beko is a worldwide active brand. It’s been active in about 150 countries for a very long time. Beko dishwashers are reliable. It’s able to clean your dirty dishes, pots, glassware, and pans.

And most of your kitchen appliances can be cleaned easily. And Beko dishwashers are made in Turkey that is owned by Arcelik. 


Ariston is an Italian company that makes heating systems as well as related appliances. Among the appliances of Ariston, the dishwasher is notable. It’s capable enough to remove deep dirt from your dishes, glassware, pots, pans, etc. And these dishwashers are also made in Italy. 


Omega is a well-reputed worldwide company. In 1848, it was founded by Louis Brandt. Omega dishwashers are excellent in the segment. They are made to be as quiet and as efficient as possible.

These dishwashers are time-saver with great performance and obviously, they look stylish. And most of the Omega products are made in Italy. 


Miele basically manufactures high-quality domestic products and commercial ingredients. It’s from Germany. 

Among its domestic appliances, the dishwasher is notable. Miele dishwashers come with great cleaning reliability and efficiency. 


The Westinghouse makes smart stylish home appliances. The dishwashers of Westinghouse are great. They wash your dishes safely and fast. And the Westinghouse dishwashers are made in Adelaide. 


Midea makes electrical appliances. This group is from China. Midea is trying to make your hours easier at home with its effective appliances.

Its dishwashers are great to keep your dishes tidy and clean. And the Midea dishwashers are made in China. 

Fisher and paykel 

In 1934, Fisher and paykel were founded by Woolf Fisher. This brand manufactures excellent home appliances. Its dishwashers are nice. Fisher and Paykel dishwashers are efficient and reliable.

This brand is thought to be one of the best dishwasher makers in the world. And these dishwashers are made in both Thailand and China. 


It’s an American brand that is owned by Whirlpool Corporation. KitchenAid makes home appliances. The dishwashers of KitchenAid are reliable and fast enough to wash your dishes nicely. And these dishwashers are made in Findlay, Ohio. 


Blanco has been a well-reputed manufacturer of high-end kitchen appliances since 1978. Its dishwashers are great and efficient enough to clean your dishes.

Blanco dishwashers are well-engineered to offer the best feedback with the efficiency of peak power. And Blanco dishwashers are made in Australia.  


Blomberg dishwashers are stylish. These dishwashers are an excellent complement to your fabulous, full, active life. They take less time to produce clean dishes. And Blomberg dishwashers are made in Germany. 


Cove dishwashers are the consequence of deep research and innovation. This brand manufactures premium dishwashers. With premium and quality materials, Cove dishwashers are made in the USA.


Ge makes dishwashers for better loading flexibility for cleaning extra dishes just in a cycle. These dishwashers are easy to use. And they look premium. And Ge dishwashers are made in China. 


Electrolux is a multinational from Sweden. It manufactures home appliances mostly. The dishwashers of Electrolux are one of the best on the market.

They come with a wide capacity. And they are easy to operate and wash fast. And the dishwashers of Electrolux are also made in Sweden. 


Esatto dishwashers are excellent in the segment. They nicely wash your dishes. The efficiency of these washers is good. And obviously, Esatto dishwashers are from Australia. 


Euromaid is a trustworthy name in the sector of high-end laundry and kitchen appliances. The dishwashers of Euromaid are great to use.

They come with an excellent wash cycle to meet your washing needs. And Euromaid dishwashers are made in Australia. 


This brand also builds high-end laundry and kitchen appliances. The dishwashers of frigidaire are affordable and good on the budget. And it offers a nice cleaning performance. And Frigidaire dishwashers are made in Kinston, North Carolina. 


Glem manufactures good dishwashers in the segment. Its stainless steel dishwashers perform well considering the price. And the look is premium. These dishwashers are made in Modena, Italy. 


Hisense has won the heart of consumers with its quality products. And no exception for its dishwashers. The dishwashers of Hisense are simple and they wash fast.

More than 10 settings made these dishwashers well-performing. And these dishwashers are made in China. 


Haier dishwashers come with enormous features. These features can make your life easier. No matter what dishes you put in, they will be cleaned consistently. These Haier dishwashers are made in Qingdao, China. 


Ilve dishwashers are fantastic. These dishwashers are easy to operate. Just put your dishes and press the button. Ilve dishwashers are made in Italy. 


Kogan dishwashers are excellent with the LED display and top cutlery tray. These dishwashers would save you time. And the look is stylish. Kogan dishwashers are made in china.


The name itself is a brand. The LG dishwashers are reliable and unique with innovative features. LG dishwashers are worth the money. And obviously the best in the segment. And LG dishwashers are made in China. 


Maximus used excellent materials to manufacture the dishwasher. Maximus implemented European research and technology to make the dishwashers. And these innovations make Maximus dishwashers good in the budget. And Maximus is from Reston, Virginia. 


Maytag is an American brand that basically builds commercial and home appliances. The dishwashers of Maytag are great. They would help you to clean the messes of your kitchen.

It washes fast and safely. And Maytag dishwashers are from Clyde, Ohio. 


Neff dishwashers are made to place any size dish nicely. They offer decent performance. Easy to operate and the design is sturdy. Neff dishwashers are valued for money. And they are from Germany. 


Stirling dishwashers offer you decent performance. The features would help you to use them easily. These dishwashers wash comparatively fast. And they are made in Canada. 


Solt dishwashers are built with different washing functions. These dishwashers are well capable of handling pressure. And they work fast. And obviously, solt dishwashers are specified and designed in Australia. 


Samsung is a well-reputed home appliances brand around the world. The dishwashers of Samsung are good too. They come with versatile features and functions which would help you to get your job done fast.

And these dishwashers are durable and sturdy too. And Samsung dishwashers use some Chinese technology. 


Siemens is a prestigious multinational in Germany. Among the products of Siemens, the dishwasher is a notable one. Siemens dishwashers basically come with numerous programs which are actually helpful. And these dishwashers are also made in Germany. 


Technika has been making the moments enjoyable for Australian families for more than 20 years. The dishwashers of this brand are amazing.

These dishwashers can receive your any size dishes warmly. And obviously, Technika dishwashers are from Australia. 


Whirlpool is is a multinational manufacturer. Whirlpool dishwashers undoubtedly work great in the budget. You would get them in different sizes and styles.

A whirlpool dishwasher can last at least 10 years. And these dishwashers are made in Findlay, Ohio. 


Farberware manufactures cookware and other kitchen appliances. And the dishwashers of this brand perform pretty well. And these dishwashers are from America. 


Edgestar dishwashers look premium and perform too well. And the Ferguson Enterprise Company makes Edgestar dishwashers. And this brand is well-reputed around the United States. And Edgestar dishwashers are from America. 


SPT is a brand that actually manufactures kitchen and home appliances. The dishwashers of SPT are well capable of serving you for the day. These dishwashers clean fast and safely. And these dishwashers are from Keelung, Taiwan. 


Danby dishwashers are specially optimized to keep your kitchen appliances clean. These dishwashers can place any size of dishes. And they are reliable. And Danby dishwashers are from China. 


Gasland dishwashers are nice to clean dishes with. The Gasland is committed to providing you with the best service. These dishwashers wash fast. And these dishwashers are reliable and durable. 


Costway dishwashers are not that big. But they don’t perform badly. They are well capable of cleaning your dishes fast. 


Equator dishwashers are excellent in look and performance. They provide top-notch performance with innovative technologies. Equator dishwashers are reliable and work fast. And these dishwashers are from Houston, Texas. 


The products of the summit are excellent for their capacity, dependability, and warranty. And no exception for its dishwasher.

Controlling a summit dishwasher is comparatively easy. And it works and cleans fast. And the summit dishwasher is made in New York City. 


Stainless steel dishwashers of Bluestar are a reliable and good choice to go on. Bluestar dishwashers have a lot of variation. You can find your one easily according to your needs. And the products of Bluestar are from Pennsylvania. 


Viking is well-reputed for manufacturing dishwashers of quality materials. The parts are well made and are sturdy enough. These dishwashers can serve you for a long time. And Viking dishwashers are from Greenwood, Mississippi. 


The products of smeg are made of quality materials. That’s why they are a bit expensive. The smeg dishwashers look stylish and offer decent performance. And smeg dishwashers are from Northern Italy. 


It’s a brand of household appliances from America. George Foerstner founded it in 1934. Amana dishwashers are clean, fast and safe. And they can serve you for at least 10 years. The factory of these dishwashers is in Amana, Lowa. 


Arc dishwashers are available at an affordable price. People from the mid or lower budget wouldn’t be disappointed after going for an Arc dishwasher. And they look simple and tidy. Arc products are made in Vancouver, BC. 


Amica dishwashers are good considering the price. They come with some innovative features which make your task easier. And the Amica dishwashers can wash more dishes at a time. Amica dishwashers are from Wronki, Poland. 


Aldi dishwashers come with extra settings and washing programs. They would help you to get your job done fast. The design and functions are smart. And Aldi products are from Canada. 


Avanti dishwashers look premium with their LED display. They offer some additional washing features which are actually helpful. These dishwashers are durable and reliable. And they are made in Doral, Florida. 


Belling dishwashers are fantastic. And they are good at Washing. They wash quickly and are easy to operate. And Belling dishwashers are from Britain. 


Cafe dishwashers are reliable and efficient. They clean nicely. Cafe dishwashers are full of functions to fulfill your washing needs. And cafe dishwashers are made in Lafayette, Georgia. 


Candy dishwashers are great. And they are available in different models. And you will get them in free-standing and built-in models. And these candy dishwashers are made in Italy. 


Criterion dishwashers are excellent and value for money. They come with 14 place setting capacities. They come with a 6-wash cycle and have an efficient stainless steel tub. Products of Criterion are made in America. 


The versatile and compact comfee dishwashers are excellent in performance. And they are value for money. And offer 14 place settings. And it’s a Chinese brand. 


Having a delonghi dishwasher in your kitchen is a great addition. They are available in different models and sizes. These dishwashers are easy to operate. Delonghi dishwashers are from Italy. 


Domain dishwashers come with 12 place settings. They offer 5 washing programs. They look premium and capable of cleaning your dishwashers fast. And domain products are from Australia. 


Devanti is well-known for its quality home appliances. The dishwashers of this brand are pretty good. Devanti dishwashers clean fast and are efficient enough. And these dishwashers are made in China. 


Dacor makes high-quality home appliances. And the dishwashers are also made with quality materials. These dishwashers have the largest capacity to place dishes. And they are fingerprint-resistant. And Dacor dishwashers are made in California. 


Electra dishwashers are just excellent in a word. They are quiet and clean actually well. These dishwashers clean too fast. Electra dishwashers are made in the UK. 


Everdure dishwashers are great in the budget. Free-standing and built-in dishwashers of verdure are excellent. They are efficient and clean, fast and safe. 


Emilia dishwashers are very affordable. And these stainless steel dishwashers would give you the best feedback on the budget. They offer at least 12 place settings which would be helpful for you. And Emilia dishwashers are made in Modena. 


Essential dishwashers are great in the segment. They basically come at a cheap price. And the range they offer something passable. These dishwashers are good for small households. Most of the essential products are from Turkey. 


Franke dishwashers are capable of meeting your dish cleaning needs. You can wash your heavy-duty pans, pots, or any dishes. These dishwashers are reliable and you can use them hard. These products are crafted and designed in Switzerland. 


As an average dishwasher does, these Grundig dishwashers perform well. They perform well on intensive and normal use.

They scored best on economy wash settings and a poor score was noticed on energy and water consumption. And they are made in Turkey. 


One of the Gorenje dishwashers has won the Best Buy Award. The dishwashers of Gorenje are fantastic. These dishwashers are great for your family. And they come with 16 place settings and 5 convenient programs. The headquarter of this brand is in Velenje, Slovenia. 


After some tests, Hotpoint dishwashers showed admirable performance. They are well-optimized to get your job done. The price range of Hotpoint dishwashers is not average. They are manufactured in Louisville. 


Hoover has been well known for providing decent-performing products. Hoover dishwashers are well for larger households. They come with 16 place settings.

And their 9 washing programs will make your task easier. And hoover products are made in Italy. 


Hobart dishwashers are super reliable. They cost less energy, water, and chemicals. Hobart dishwashers are excellent to get your task done. Hobart manufactures products in many countries through its headquarter is in Troy, Ohio, USA. 


Indesit dishwashers are great with their features and design. The cleaning performance of Indesit dishwashers is excellent. And it costs less water and energy to run. In the budget, they perform pretty well. Indesit has its headquarters in Italy. 


Ikea dishwashers have two different sizes, 60 cm or 45 cm wide. The wider size has 12-15 settings and is perfect for households. Ikea offers value for money. It’s an American company. 


Inalto dishwashers are excellent in terms of performance. Well-optimized designs offer efficiency, convenience, and reliability. Four washing programs would help you to get your job done fast and easily. These products are designed in Melbourne. 


Insignia dishwashers are easy to handle. They are well-designed to keep your kitchen tidy. These dishwashers work fast with numerous cleaning settings. Insignia dishwashers are made in China. 

John Lewis 

The Electrolux group makes John Lewis dishwashers. They have been reliable for providing quality products. These dishwashers are perfect for almost any household. And John Lewis dishwashers are made in German. 

Jenn air 

Jenn air dishwashers are too reliable. And they can provide you service for around 7 to 12 years. They work fast and efficiently. The washing programs are excellent for your kitchen. This brand is from Michigan. 


Fisher and Paykel appliances Italy SpA makes Kenwood dishwashers. Energy-saving Kenwood dishwashers are well-designed to meet your cleaning needs.

They are convenient, efficient, and reliable. And Kenwood dishwashers are from Italy. 


Kenmore dishwashers come with innovative features for smart cleaning. It offers features like micro clean, powerwash, smart dry, and turbo zone. These features would help you to get your job done nicely. 


Kleenmaid is an Australian brand. Compass capital partners make kleenmaid dishwashers. Kleenmaid dishwashers cost less water and energy to clean your dishes. Though It’s an Australian brand, Its dishwashers are made in Italy. 


Montpellier dishwashers deliver excellent cleaning performance. They wash fast. And cost less energy and water. And Montpellier appliances are made in Gloucestershire. 

New world 

New world dishwashers perform well according to the price. They come with more than 14 place settings and 5 wash programs.

The innovative features would help you to get your task easy and fast. And they are from the United Kingdom. 


Noble dishwashers are of great quality. And most of the users didn’t face any problem with them. The size is compact and small. And they will be the perfect addition to a small kitchen. 


Parmco dishwashers are reliable and quiet. And obviously, they are energy and water-efficient. Parmco dishwashers would be good for your family as they are capable of keeping your kitchen clean and tidy with innovative features. Parmco products are made in China. 


Rabinhood dishwashers would make you satisfied with their performance. Its wash cycles and place settings would provide you with top-notch performance. And Robinhood dishwashers are made in New Zealand. 


Rangemaster dishwashers are a good choice to rely on. You can clean your items fast with efficiency. Several settings and wash cycles would help you to get your job done in a pleasurable way. And Rangemaster products are made in Leamington Spa. 


Seiki dishwashers clean dishes easily. These dishwashers are designed with more than 14 place settings and 5 wash cycles. They are great for your kitchen. And could be a perfect addition to your Kitcher. And this brand is owned by a Chinese company. 


Simpson dishwashers are good to spend time with. They will provide you with fast service innovative features. The wash cycles and place settings are excellent to make your dishes clean fast. And Simpson dishwashers are made in Australia. 


Stoves dishwashers come with a compact size and stylish look. They wash your dishes quickly. And the LED display is great. It’s value for money. And these dishwashers are made in Britain. 


Thermador dishwashers are WiFi-enabled and smartly designed. The innovative design of Thermador dishwashers gave them a new height. They are reliable and efficient. Thermador has its factory in LaFollette, Tenn. 


Tuscany dishwashers are made in Italy. They provide good service considering the price. And works well too. The place settings and wash cycles are well-optimized to offer the best feedback in the segment. 


Thor kitchen makes thor dishwashers. Thor dishwashers come with useful functions. Their features made them efficient and reliable. Thor products are made in the USA. 


Vogue dishwashers are made by Midea Corporation. Vogue dishwashers look outstanding. And they are affordable too. The features are ready to satisfy you. The vogue products are made in China. 


Washtech dishwashers are made in New Zealand. They offer a long-lasting period. They are efficient and consume less energy and water. According to the price, they provide high performance. 


Zanussi dishwashers offer excellent results. Using them is nothing tough. And they are obviously effective and efficient. And they are affordable too. These dishwashers are made in Italy. 


Zline dishwashers provide high performance. They are perfect for your home. Work fast. Consume less energy and offer extra service. They are from China. 


Zenith products are excellent and offer great performance. They are affordable and provide value. The innovative features are pretty good to pass time with. These features would help you to get your job done fast.

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