Where is the rice cooker made? [43 brands checked]

Rice is the proper and utmost base or side for an uncountable number of dishes.

Throughout the world, it works as the staple food for billions while serving as an element against malnutrition as it contains a decent amount of fiber, protein, vitamin B, iron, etc depending on the strains. 

These busy days people prefer to cook things as easily and early as possible ensuring the meal becomes perfect. That is where the necessity of a rice cooker begins. 

So, before you are into buying a rice cooker, it’s essential to know where and how they are manufactured. It gives you an overall idea about the product beforehand.

Here I’ll be covering some of the popular rice cooker brands so that you can have an idea about different options through one single article.


Aroma rice cookers are manufactured by Aroma Housewares Company also recognized as Mirama Enterprise. It is a Southern California-based company, established by Peter Chang in 1977.

The organization produces different kinds of cooking appliances but is most popular for its rice cookers. They occupy a huge number of American rice cooker markets. 

Within a much affordable price, Aroma cookers are old-school products, small and attractive, about eight and a half inches wide by nine-point three inches tall inside.

The inner pot, steamer basket, measuring cup, and spatula are dishwasher safe as well which is a huge plus point. The timer is super helpful. Overall, this is easy to use and clean making your work a lot easier.

Aroma rice cooker costs around $39 to $45 with a minimum warranty of 3 to 5 years.


Zojirushi is a renowned brand that supplies rice cookers along with other electronic housewares. It’s a Japanese multinational manufacturer brand, which has branches in China, the USA, Hong Kong, etc. 

With superior induction heating and a triple heater, their rice cookers are dynamic in looks and size. The nonstick coating prevents food from getting burnt. 

It has more other exciting features to offer! You can even set the texture of the rice. The alert sound is melodious like it sings to you and you can change that to silent or beeps mode too.

Further, the cooked rice inside remains warm for about 12 hours at the optimal serving temperature

While Zojirushi cookers take double the time to cook than usual ones, they give you a perfect kind of rice without any inconsistency or mushiness.

As the price is very high, around $350, not to mention why they are known as the Ferrari of rice cookers, it is not certainly within the range of common folks. 


Tiger has been an Osaka-based Japanese manufacturer of numerous household products since 1923. Though they have sales bases in various countries, products like rice cookers are made exclusively in Japan.

Tiger rice cookers have multi-purpose functions, with the multifunctional plate called the “tile cook plate”. Through its cook synchronized function, you can cook a particular main dish on top of the rice cooker while the rice is being cooked on the bottom.

The plate comes with uniqueness so that flavors can not mix. The menu has different options to make cooking easier. 

With its patented automatic cooking logic, it can monitor the temperature within the unit that ensures that both the dishes are cooked evenly, fluffy and moist each time.

They have made versatility and functionality in product development. 


Another top-selling brand of rice cookers, Cuckoo, is made in Cuckoo Electronics Co. Ltd, situated in South Korea since 1978. 

What was already a high standard, the company took the quality to another level. Compared to the Japanese ones, Korean cookers coagulate rice starches more completely which results in a more glutinous and slightly more nutritious cooked rice.

The rice inside remains fine for about a week. The latest Cuckoo cookers have AIs installed in them which can talk to you directly like Google assistant.

Though steam technology is a bit messy in a cuckoo rice cooker, other facilities seem to cover it up.

If you are willing to pay around $300 for a rice cooker, go for it! 


Buffalo smart cookers are manufactured in China. With intelligent cooking technology, a digital touch screen, there’s a 24-hour preset cooking option here.

It has a three-layer of stainless steel material inside making it quite a durable product. The IH electric magnetic technology heats the pot much faster and there’s a cool ventilation system that paves the way for the steam to come out easily unlike many cookers. 


It’s a Taiwanese company but some of the rice cookers are manufactured in China as well. One of the most trusted in Taiwan, their rice cookers’ designs are super retro. 

It provides fluffy, un-sticky rice while the limitation is that you can cook only one thing at a time. Though the latest ones feature the convenience of buying a separate pot with a double slack steamer to cook 3 dishes at a time.

According to the consumers, it’s better than even the Japanese cookers. It comes with a hefty price of $200 at least. 


Made in Japan, it’s a mini rice cooker but at a cheaper price and is fine for small families. Easy cleaning, effortless, and way faster to cook rice within less than ten minutes, whereas other high-ending cookers take more than thirty minutes.

One can even keep the cooker inside the fridge if there are leftovers. 

Nevertheless, oftentimes depending on the rice you use, the ends get crunchy which is a bit of a waste of the rice. Some rice gets more sticky.

Not recommended for a bigger family as the 1-year warranty isn’t worth the money. These tend to cause electronic disturbances as well when the product is used for about half a year. 


Imusa rice and multipurpose cookers are made in the USA. You can do oatmeal rice, beans, and soup. The compact size cookers make it comfortable to carry and wash.

This one is okay for general users other than the fact that the lid has an opening in it for realizing steam, but spits hot water rice on the counter, so, it has a slight spitting disturbance.

If you are a rough user, this product isn’t for you as it’s not that solid. 


Oyama stainless steel rice cookers are built in China. Its unique features are having a triple-layered base which keeps the rice from burning and also keeps them warm for 24 hours at least which is double the advised timing for other cookers.

It’s hassle-free and easy to use through the warranty is around a year only.


Featuring a stylish design, reishunger cookers are Japanese-made, brilliant ones. Pretty simple to operate with two regular buttons, cooking, and warming.

It gives perfect rice though it keeps the rice warm for around 8 hours only. The inside pot is made with a double non-stick coating in a honeycomb pattern.

The handle attached to the lid makes it easy to carry the cooker anywhere you want at home.

Black & Decker

Black and decker rice cookers are one of the lead products of Spectrum Brands, a home essential company trusted by millions. Their rice cookers are produced in the United States. 

One of its cool features is it precisely has a lid holder so that you can place it on the side if needed while cooking. The steamer basket system lets you cook healthy meals along with rice.

It’s also dishwasher safe. They can be found for $40 while given a two-year warranty. 


Comfee is a subsidiary brand of Midea Group, a Fortune 500 company. These products are manufactured in China where it was established in 1968.

Comfee cookers let you cook varieties of rice and other things like pasta, oatmeal, stew, saute, steamed veggies, etc. It’s like 5 in 1. Cook the rice with a perfect consistency giving it a nice and fluffy texture.

Besides, it provides high safety and humanized designs. For the price, it works nice and is very user-friendly. 


Cuisinart cookware and its appliances are primarily manufactured in China. The same goes for the rice cooker as well. 

It’s square in shape and the design is quite catchy, not like the usual rice cookers. It cooks rice with perfection.

However, the water tends to spill all over the place if the steamer pot Inst isn’t put on the top even when you are not using it. Not worth the price. 

Song Cho

Song cho’s kitchen appliances like rice cookers are specialized stainless steel made and built in Japan. 

These cookers vary from conventional to multifunctional. The stainless steel is of high quality, bears no chemical coating, and can be used to cook a lot of items. 


Dash rice cookers are made in the USA and work well for a long time. Easy to cook and clean, these mini cookers come in various stylish colors.

Perfect for small families. Nonetheless, it is not good for cooking wild kinds of rice. Moreover, there are spilling problems. 


These cookers are made in Canada. Well known in the North American market for its use of natural ceramics, it includes inner pots and a graceful steamer with vast capability and versatility. 


The French-made Tefal rice cookers offer a stainless steel lid with a steam vent so that the food doesn’t get overcooked. They are dishwasher safe too.


The age-old Japanese and one of the most successful companies in the world started manufacturing rice cookers in the late 80s. These cookers are one of the best, staying fine for a long time even after heavy use. They are large but easy to wash and reliable. 

Rice gets cooked giving a nice texture, doesn’t get burnt as it stops heating automatically after the rice is done. Price varies depending on the cooker’s capabilities and is always worth the price.


Kroger rice cookers are made in the USA. They come at a cheap price while providing a wide range of rice cooking facilities.

They are easy to use and wash. The LED controlling system ensures the food’s cooking quality perfectly. 


Narita cookers are also USA-made. They aren’t recommended to buy for their poor manufacturing. The pot is said to be stainless steel yet after using it for two to three months, scratches start showing up.

Not worth the price. Consumers say they don’t come as described outside. 


Situated in Tokyo, Toshiba is one of the best companies that manufacture rice cookers. Most of them are diversified and made in Japan. 

Compared to a lot of others, Toshiba rice cookers come with a heavy price. Their latest rice cookers are high-end devices that come with seven different presets.

3D heating for uniform cooking keeps the rice warm for longer hours. Even for the armatures, cooking becomes so easy. 


Breville Group is a well-known Australian home appliance maker. Their rice cooker factories are located in Sydney. 

Breville rice cookers are pricey enough but provide excellent service as well. One thing to mention is that rice sticks to the bottom of the bowl when they are overcooked. 

Yum Asia

Yum Asia rice cookers are built amazingly in China. Apart from whatever types of rice, you can cook pasta, soup, and steamed veggies almost perfectly. 

Some negative aspects are, the coating outside of the ceramic bowl tends to be a bit weary, they don’t come with a thermos mug for consumers as shown in videos.

And also, the steaming basket is made poorly and doesn’t go with the price. 


Oster is another Chinese brand and the rice cookers are made in Shanghai. Oster cookers can be found at a discount price occasionally, which is very cheap, around 20 dollars.

Yet it offers you a variety of facilities. It’s compact-sized, stylish doesn’t get that hot on the outside and simple grains are easy to cook.

But cleaning the leftovers might be difficult. Without the steaming basket on the top, there are chances of overflowing. 

Amazon Basics

These rice cookers are also made in China. They look good enough to fool the masses while functioning poorly.

They are okay for usual rice cooking. The steaming system has its moles. Not worth the money. 

Better Chef

A California-based cookware production house, Better Chef makes rice and vegetables taste just fine. Not pricey yet serves well. It is a bit larger than the regular stylish ones.

However, if there are more than four members, it will come in handy. If you aren’t looking for anything fancy then they are not a bad choice. 


Brentwood rice cookers are made in England. They are hassle-free, easy to operate as one-touch, and tidy. Size is perfect for small families.

The nonstick coating isn’t that well made so if you use spoons they are likely to come out easily. The warranty is only one year. 


Korea makes plenty of cooking materials and Cuchen is one of them. 

Cuchen rice cookers are elegant in look. It offers speedy cooking within 30 minutes even for mixed rice while one type can be cooked within half the time.

The one-touch cleaning option is quite simple. According to the price, It’s worth the money as there are not many shortcomings. 


DNYSYSJ is a SHEN ZHEN SHI WU PENG YI DIAN ZI SHANG WU YOU XIAN GONG SI based company that is popular for its high-quality appliances, specifically cookers.

They are safe and have independent operating systems for easier maintenance. However, these cookers don’t offer anything much more special than the traditional cookers while coming with a hefty price.

You can buy other fine and perfect rice cookers for half the price.

Elite Gourmet

Made in China, Elite gourmet helps you to cook fluffy, nice textured rice every single time without overcooking or undercooking.

These can be used for bigger families too as you can cook around 20 cups. Though their finishing of the cooking pot needs to be improved.


Generic rice cookers are multifunctional, and cook rice just fine. They have cool-touch handles, cook and keep warm functions.

It is accessible at an affordable rate too. 

Hamilton Beach

Hamilton beach rice cookers are made in the USA just like their other products. It’s a renowned company throughout the world. 

They are amazing at cooking your desired dishes. Being a great pick at its price range Hamilton beach cookers are super functional and can provide service for several years. 


Manufactured by Nostalgia Products, located in Wisconsin, USA, these are nice cookers. 

With one-touch operation, tempered glass lids, cool-touch handles you can easily cook your dishes with homecraft rice cookers. They can be cleaned easily.

Though sometimes it can get messy, they work better if you can keep the number of dishes and water around half capacity. 


Lekue rice cookers are made outside of Barcelona, Spain. They’re good in general but not very large capacity rice cookers.

Its special design doesn’t let the water overflow while cooking. The cooker can be used as a serving vessel as well. 


Midea rice cookers are manufactured in China. They are convenient to use with different technological functions.

Though the warming system makes rice hard on the bottom and sides at times, within the efficient price midea rice cookers offer good if not amazing performances.


Moosum has its middle to mini rice cookers according to customers’ choices. With original taste plus your creativity, through moosum steam baskets, you can doubly meet your nutrition needs.

Double layer nonstick coating inside makes cooking and cleaning easier. Worth the price!

Nordic Ware

Nordic ware cookers are made in Minneapolis. They’re a proud 75 years old manufacturing brand of cookware. 

Their rice cookers offer all the general facilities. Nonetheless, it is not recommended for heavy rice eaters. The present rice cookers don’t live up to the NordicWare name. 

Pampered Chef

Like rice cookers, Pampered chef cookwares are mostly made in the USA. The rice cookers are affordable with a smooth operating system.

You can use them for a long time if taken care of properly. 


A well-known brand of Thailand, Panwa makes outstanding cookers. But they are not that durable while having the latest and finest features.

That is why they are not advised to buy them if you are a heavy user. 

Rapid Brands

California-based manufacturers,  Rapid rice cookers come with low prices but are overall terrible and disastrous in terms of performance.

Overflowing, not being cooked properly, longer time crunchy rice, etc are big issues that make this one a lower graded rice cooking brand. Don’t waste your money buying them.


This brand hasn’t aged more than a decade and their rice cookers are made in the USA. Within the cheap price, these products are just outstanding in design, user friendly, compact, and portable with a cool handle and removable power cord.

Cooks are fast and tasty. Highly recommended for nuclear families.

Town Food Service 

Made in the USA, these cookers are multifunctional while coming with a hefty price. Not worth it as there are other cheap cookers with better or at least the same performances.


Toyo case rice cookers are manufactured in Japan. They are multifunctional, small in size but great in overall performance.

However, there are better options within a much less price limit.

Final thoughts

Rice cookers in general have made our cooking simple and safe. Different options are there for our everyday convenience through which we can set back and relax for a while without jeopardizing everything.

I hope this article helps you to know a little more about rice cookers and their manufacturers so that you can choose accordingly.  

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