5 Reasons Why 00 Flour is the Best Choice for Making Pizza

You might be wondering, “What is 00 flour and why is it the best choice for making pizza?” Well, let’s start with the basics. 00 flour is a type of Italian flour that is made from durum wheat.

It has a very fine texture and is higher in protein than other types of flour, which makes it perfect for pizza dough. Here are 5 reasons why 00 flour is the best choice for making pizza.

Why 00 Flour is Best Choice for Making Pizza?

00 Flour Has a Very Fine Texture

One of the things that make 00 flour so great for pizza dough is its very fine texture. This fine texture allows the dough to stretch without tearing and creates a light, airy crust that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Other types of flour simply cannot recreate this same level of perfection.

00 Flour Is Higher in Protein

Protein is an important component of pizza dough because it helps the dough to rise and gives it structure. The higher protein content in 00 flour means that your pizza dough will be less likely to collapse during baking and will have a nice, chewy texture.

00 Flour Creates a Perfectly Blistered Crust

If you’ve ever had a true Neapolitan pizza, then you know that one of its defining characteristics is a perfectly blistered crust. The high heat of a wood-fired oven creates large bubbles in the dough that are then filled with delicious molten cheese and sauce. While it is possible to get a blistered crust with other types of flour, 00 flour makes it easier to achieve this signature look.

00 Flour Makes It Easy to Get That Perfect Stretch

Another characteristic of a true Neapolitan pizza is its thin, stretchy crust. This can be difficult to achieve with other types of flour, but 00 flour makes it easy. The higher protein content and fine texture of 00 flour make it easy to get that perfect stretch without tearing the dough.

You Can’t Go Wrong With 00 Flour

At the end of the day, you really can’t go wrong with using 00 flour to make your pizza dough. It’s versatile, easy to work with, and will give you consistently good results every time. So if you’re looking for the best possible outcome for your pizzas, look no further than 00 flour!


There you have it! Five reasons why 00 flour is the best choice for making pizza dough. If you’re looking for a light, airy crust with a perfectly blistered edge, this is the type of flour you need to use. So next time you’re at the store, pick up some 00 flour and give it a try!

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