Will oven cleaner remove powder coat? (For beginners)

A powder coat is a method of applying a dry coating or paint in the form of powder. This coat withstands rough strikes on the metal or steel and keeps it as usual. 

But when it comes to removing this powder coat for different purposes, there are many methods to apply.

One of these methods is the chemical stripping by which different products made of chemicals are applied on the surface of the metal.

An oven cleaner, such a thing that can be liquid, or often foam in an aerosol container, is used to clean ovens, and can also be used in removing powder coats.

Thus, we are here to find out the facts about how oven cleaners can remove powder coats and how efficient they can work. 

Will the oven cleaner remove the powder coat?

Among different ways of removing powder coat, some of the most familiar ways are chemical Stripping, Burn-off system, Abrasive Blasting, Laser Removal, etc. 

From these distinctive systems, chemical stripping is more excellent, popular, and eco-friendly than most other systems.

The reasons are its easy-to-use performance, effective work, tough cleaning surety, and more particularly, inexpensive cost.

And when it comes to chemicals, oven cleaner is a significant product that is widely used to remove powder coats. 

Popular oven cleaners that are produced by world-class brands ensure heavy-duty and high-end ingredients that remove tough baked-on food, grime, grease, stain, and other specks of dirt from the body of ovens. 

Consequently, it can be used in removing powder coats. As oven cleaners are whether aerosols or gels, they should be sprayed over the coat to strip powder.

Because they are easy to get and inexpensive, they are chosen by many consumers. 

Is it good to remove the powder coat with an oven cleaner?

As oven cleaners are easier to get and cheaper to purchase, many people use them to remove powder coats. But is it good or safe for removing powder coats? 

Well, at first, if you are considerate and interested in saving money, you can choose this method to remove your powder coat from any metal or aluminum.

But many occurrences show that removing powder coat by oven cleaners may cause a threat to your metal.

To get proper and smooth removal of powder coat, it is necessary to apply oven cleaners several times and to clean the metal also. In this case, sometimes the metal gets injured or damaged. 

Therefore, one must be careful enough while removing the powder coat by an oven cleaner. He has to accomplish the task by giving full attention. 

5 Best & Budget-friendly oven cleaners to remove powder coat

Ovens cleaners are extensively used in removing powder coats because of their fantastic ingredients. They can diverge any tough stain deposited on the surface of the oven.

In consequence, they are also reputed to remove powder coats. Amongst numerous types of oven cleaners, there are the top 5 from different world-popular brands. 

1. Easy-Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner

This oven cleaner is entrusted with technologically advanced features that execute a wonderful performance.

The main ingredients of this oven cleaner are water, Dipropylene Glycol Ether, Isobutane, etc. It’s an aerosol type and you can spray it on the oven surface to clean it.

In terms of cleaning the oven, it works very well. It can clean tough baked-on grease and spilled food with no fumes from the oven.

It also cleans other stains and specks of dirt that concentrate on the surface. Eventually, it delivers a potential performance in removing powder coats. 

This cleaner comes in two packs as heavy-duty and fume-free. The one that is fume-free provides a smooth scent of lemon.

However, it is a versatile oven cleaner that can be used to clean every type of oven. It is effective to apply on stainless steel, in the gas or electric oven, and to clean grill and barbecues racks. 

In addition, it is completely safe and easy to apply. You don’t need gloves while using it. 

When it comes to pricing, a 24-ounces bottle goes for $15 fairly.  

2. Sprayway Heavy-Duty Oven & Grill Cleaner

A wonderful product of Sprayway, this oven cleaner is completely professional. It contains different types of elements that are highly efficient in cleaning concentrated dirt and stain.

Thus, it can remove oil, grease, caked-on, dried food, and carbon stains from the surface of the oven. It emulsifies, lifts, and works within minutes to expel the germs and dirt.

This oven cleaner is also useful for stove burners, grill racks, rotisseries, electric frying pans, and other cookware. Thus, it is prolific and precious to add value to your money.

As a result, removing powder coats is more convenient.

Now, this product is unavailable for its wide demand. 

3. Astonish Oven & Cookware Cleaner

Astonish is a prominent brand in America that produces different kinds of cleaners. This particular oven cleaner is very significant and reaches a pinnacle of the brand’s cleaning range. 

With reactive and potential ingredients, it offers a healthy performance and cleans very well. It is quite excellent in terminating tough dirt and grime to restore the oven like a new one. 

It doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. And so, you don’t need to wear gloves while cleaning. 

In terms of price, this oven cleaner can be accessible at more than $10. But, it is not in stock now. 

4. Goo Gone Oven and Grill Cleaner

This product is produced by Goo Gone, a top-must industry in clean-up wipes. Made from high-end materials, this oven cleaner is an efficient one that works superior. 

It is a versatile oven cleaner that can be used to clean other cookware products like cooking racks, pots, pans, broiler pans, grill, and rotisserie toaster.

It abolishes the toughest and baked-on stains, burnt-on carbon deposits, and other dirt from the surface in minutes without harming the oven. It is fume-free and doesn’t contain any toxic elements.

That is why it is safe and easy to use. This one is an expensive oven cleaner that costs almost $20. 

5. Carbona Biodegradable Oven Cleaner

And the last one is the Carbona Biodegradable Oven Cleaner. It is one of the best oven cleaners indeed.

Produced from quality ingredients, it ensures the best cleaning experience. It removes sticky dirt, grease, food spills, and other solid stains from your oven. 

Apart from ovens, this cleaner can be used to clean grills, pans, barbecues racks, and other cookware products.  For this reason, it is practical to justify the money. 

This excellent oven cleaner is sold at $22 making it one of the expensive cleaners. 

What other materials can be used to remove the powder coats?

As I’ve indicated, there are several ways of removing powder coats. You can apply these methods in gaining a satisfactory outcome.

However, there are some systems enlisted here. We will discuss which one is perfect for removing powder coats and which is not.

So, let’s go on to explore. 


Acetone is widely used in cleaning critical surfaces of metal, plastic, and composite elements for powder coating color preparation.

It is a mild solvent chemical that is effective in abolishing stained contaminants and consequently, offers excellent performance in removing powder coat.

Acetone is not dangerous but too much application can hurt your products since it is mild. So, it should be applied as much as it is required to remove the powder coat. 

Brake cleane

Brake cleaner is greatly believed to be a useful chemical that removes powder coat. But in contrast to popular belief, now it is seen that it is not an ideal chemical at all to remove powder coat genuinely.

Since this chemical contains solvent-rich aerosol solution, it is used by auto mechanics in order to clean brake parts. So, when it is applied to remove the powder coat, it may harm the surface. 

Chemical stripping

It is perhaps the most popular method of removing powder coat perfectly. It works very quickly and is wholly effective in achieving a satisfactory outcome.

There are so many chemicals used in removing powder coats that work instantly. It is also cheap for which it has become more acceptable. Thus, it saves money and reduces labor. 

Paint remover

Paint remover is also a renowned system of removing powder coats. It is basically made to remove paint from any surface.

But it is also used in removing powder coats. 

Heat gun

Applying a heat gun is a compatible method of removing powder coats.

To remove the powder coat by a heat gun, the coating should be fixed at a certain level of temperature ranging from 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Then, the layer becomes malleable and is removed gradually. 


Alcohol is another remarkable liquid that can remove a stubborn stain from any surface. Consequently, it works well in removing powder coats. 


Study shows that Nitromors are less effective in removing powder coats thoroughly. 


Sandblasting is one of the most reputed ways of removing powder coats. It is affordable.

But it also has some drawbacks as it is a slow process. 


Powder coatings are manufactured to resist chemicals including petrol. Thus, it is not very efficient in removing powder coats. 

Lacquer thinner

Lacquer thinner is a slow process of removing powder coat. It will not remove it at once. 

Nail polish

Nail polish is not helpful in removing powder coats. 

Ways to remove powder coat

There are four individual ways to remove powder coats accurately. Thus, they are illustrated here.

1. Chemical stripping

It is one of the most popular and inexpensive ways to remove powder coats. It is advantageous, cordial, and affordable.

Several types of chemicals can be used in this case. At first, the chemical softens and dissolves the powder, and gradually removes it.

2. Burn-off system

This way is also known as the Thermal removal method. It is a very quick and effective way to remove powder coats.

Using a lot of high temperatures, the surface is burnt off and then the powder consequently alienates. 

3. Media blasting

Another useful way to remove powder coat is media blasting. It is also well-known as Abrasive blasting that includes both sandblasting and dustless blasting.

In this method, applying media impelled at a high speed towards the surface, the powder coat is stripped off. 

4. Laser Removal

There are lasers that have been made for removing powder coats perfectly. It works very efficiently removing powder coats from a small area to a large surface.

But it is also expensive in terms of expenses. 

What is the easiest way to remove powder coating?

Every method has its particular knacks that offer convenience. If you want to accomplish the task at a reasonable cost, you can apply chemical stripping.

It is simply inexpensive and a completely easy way to remove powder coat. Then, if you want a quick removal, you should apply the burn-off system that works faster. 

Final thoughts

Well, removing the powder coat is a troublesome job to bring out. Since there are different ways to do this, you can choose any method according to your preference.

In this case, you have to remember the things including cost, time, and other management systems. You also have to be mindful enough during the work.

However, along with various chemicals, an oven cleaner is also effective in the removal of powder coats. It is a budget-friendly method that may reduce your cost. 

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